Map of Los Angeles, 1853 Showing Bell’s Row

Los Angeles in the 1850’s, Bell’s Row,

Home of the First Eight Jewish

Merchant Pioneers

The map below is part of the Archives of Western States Jewish History Association.

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Jacob Frankfurt, The First Jew of Los Angeles

Los Angeles Jewish History began as early as 1842 with the arrival of Jacob Frankfurt, a tailor who was part of the Workman Exploratory Party.

Frankfurt opened a tailor and men’s clothing store at the end of Bell’s Row.

By the beginning of the 1850s, seven other Pioneer Jews had opened various shops in the same building.

It was considered the best business location in the small town. of Los Angeles.

Bell’s Row, 1858


By 1858 a second story had been added to the adobe building.

Bell’s Row








Notes on the Map below:

El Calle Principal is today’s Main Street.

Calle de la Banta, Canal Street, is now Los Angeles Street.

Calle del Aliso led down to the river and to San Gabriel.

Bell’s Row was on the corner of Alizo and Los Angeles Streets

Calle de los Negros was the location of the saloons, gambling casinos, and bawdy houses. Despite its name, the first Negro had yet to arrive in town.

Note: The Plaza, still there today, was used for bullfights.

Los Angeles in 1853