Levi & Hyman Mitchell, Early Jewish Pioneer Merchants of Tulare County, California

Levi & Hyman Mitchell

Levi Mitchell of Visalia, CA, WSJH V2/3

Levi Mitchell of Visalia, CA,

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Levi Mitchell was born, in 1810, in what we now call Germany.

Hyman Mitchell was born, in 1814.


The family came to the United States, in 1817, to live with a brother in Little Rock Arkansas, Dr. Jacob Mitchell.


Along the way . . .

Sometime before 1850 the brothers, Levi and Hyman Mitchell came to California.

They opened a store in Stockton.

Levi Mitchell traveled to the mining camps selling merchandise from the store.

Hyman Mitchell handled the day-to-day business in their store.

Hyman Mitchell lived in Stockton where he married Susie Jacob, sister of Elias Jacob [Click here for Elias Jacob exhibit].

Together they had two children, Michael and Bertha.

Susie Mitchell died, in 1857, and a year later, Hyman married her sister, Dorathea Jacob.


Visalia & White River

Levi Mitchell moved to the lower San Joaquin Valley and opened a store in Millerton, in 1852, and then another store in Visalia on Main Street.

Hyman Mitchell moved to Visalia, in 1857, after the death of his first wife.

East Main Street, Visalia, California Vintage Postcard


The Kern River gold rush of 1855 established Visalia as an important trading center. – the only town between Stockton and Los Angeles.


One of the growing mining camps nearby was Tailholt on the White River.

In 1860, in partnership with Archie Donaldson, Levi Mitchell built the White River House, which became one of the valley’s best known hotels.

Across the street, Levi Mitchell opened a store


In 1862, Levi Mitchell was appointed Postmaster and the name of the town was changed to White River.

Every miner knew that Levi Mitchell was good for a “grubstake.”



In 1866, Levi Mitchell married Annie Stargarth, in Stockton.

Together they had four children, Joseph, Michael, Jacob, and Hyman II.

When Levi Mitchell died in 1885, Annie was faced with running the business.


Hyman Mitchell died suddenly, in 1859.

Hyman is buried by his first wife, Susie in Stockton’s Temple Israel Cemetery.


For more information on Levi & Hyman Mitchell see the following issue of Western States Jewish History:

  • Pioneer Merchants of Tulare County, California, by Annie R. Mitchell, WSJH, Vol. 2, Issue #3, 1970.

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