George Adolf Reich, MD, Seattle Jewish Physician: His Washington Years

George Adolf Reich, MD,

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George Adolf Reich was born in 1846 in Wroclaw, Poland.

George Reich graduated (but did not complete his studies) from the University of Breslau’s medical department in 1869.

After serving in the Prussian army at the close of the Franco-Prussian War, George Adolf Reich came to America, arriving in New York and traveling to Arizona via the Isthmus of Panama


Along the way . .

By 1870, George Reich was living in San Bernardino, California, working as a pharmacist for the “San Bernardino Drug Store, Franklin & Reich, Proprietors.”


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George Reich left for San Francisco, in 1875, where he received his M.D. from the University of California.

He practiced medicine in San Francisco.

In 1884, George Reich left San Francisco, settling in Tacoma, Washington, where he practiced surgical medicine for one year.


In 1885, George Reich moved to Seattle, Washington.


In 1887, Dr. George Reich traveled to Berlin and Breslau to explore new modes of treatment in European hospitals.

He may also have been visiting with his family in Breslau.


By 1889, Dr. Reich had established his practice in the Yesler Building, specializing as an “Oculist, Aurist and Physician for Diseases of the Throat.”


After the Great Seattle Fire of 1889, Dr. Reich’s practice moved to the Pioneer Building, located in the now-historical district, Pioneer Square.

Pioneer Square in Seattle, Washington, vintage postcard

In 1893, Dr. Reich specialized in eye and ear treatment.



George Reich married Elizabeth Chissman, in 1882


George Adolf Reich died, in 1896, in Seattle, Washington.


For more information see:

  • Reich, George Albert; From a Pharmacist in San Bernardino to a Physician in Seattle; Seattle; Stern, Norton B.; 18/2


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