Creating an Exhibit for Your Synagogue on the Jewish Museum of the American West


We define Pioneer Western Jewish Synagogues as synagogues in states/areas West of the Mississippi and founded before 1965 – that is at least 50 years ago. (Wisconsin, Alaska, Hawaii included.)

An Exhibit of your Synagogue is not meant to be a complete history, but one that focuses on its beginnings and growth.

First look at other synagogue exhibits in our museum to understand what we look for.

We need as much of the requested information that follows: Facts only. You need not write full sentences.

Synagogue’s Name?

Year of First Meeting?

Names of Founders and/of First Synagogue Officers?

Year of First Service – and for what holiday – and where?

Who ran the services?

Year and location of first building?

First Rabbi?

Early growth?

Second Building, Year and Location?

Next Growth Period.

Name of Rabbi that served an extended time at the Synagogue and what happened under his watch?

Original founding of Sisterhood, Men’s Club, School, etc.

Todays Building, Location, and National Affiliation

Current Rabbi(s) & Cantor(s)

Today’s Name, address, web-site address, e-mail Contact, phone.


Any historical newspaper quotes?


Pictures (Please contact us for photo information)

Then we need . . . .

Your Name, relationship?

Your phone# and e-mail for correspondence?

Once we have enough information we will create the Exhibit and advise you how to see it on your computer where you can advise us where to correct, add-to, delete, etc.

There is no charge for this – although donations keep us going.


Copy the basic information requests above and then paste them on to a “Word” document. Add a number of spaces between each item requested and then just fill in all the information on the “Word” document which will expand at each question as you add material.

Then simply e-mail the page(s) to us at:

For questions, advice, etc. call us at (818) 225-9631  (Pacific Time)

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