Obtain Back-Issues of Our Western States Jewish History Journal

Western States Jewish History – Parent of the Jewish Museum of the American West – has published four Journals each year for 50 years.

Much of the material in the Jewish Museum of the American West comes from our vast library of articles researched over almost five decades.

While our Museum Exhibits are limited in scope, researchers, family members and genealogists can have access to the complete articles by ordering back issues of Western States Jewish History.

Each issue costs $25which includes everything – and is used to fund our Museum.

Some of the older issues are slightly “used,” having been returned to us as subscribers “down-size.”

You may call in your order to our office at (562) 405-4176 so that we can talk to you and verify that what you want is in that specific Volume and Issue.

Please specify the name of each article, Volume # and Issue #  (Shown in the Index as 34/2 = Volume 34, Issue 2). Naming the article is suggested to avoid mistakes. We also need your name and complete mailing address, ZIP and e-mail.

Libraries requiring a full set or a large number of back issues may contact us for special pricing.  Call: (562) 405-4176

Western States Jewish History Journal

43 Year Index

Volumes 1 through 43

(Information for Volumes 44 thru 50 will be added in the near future)

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