Congregation Beth Israel/Ahavath Beth Israel of Boise, Idaho

Congregation Beth Israel   Congregation Beth Israel’s first meeting was held at the home of Moses Alexander, early in 1895. The Charter Members were: Moses Alexander, L. Baukofsky, David Cohen, David Falk, Leo Falk, Nathan Falk, Sigmond Falk, Julius Grunbaum, Leo P. Grunbaum, Max Hardman, Ben Heymanson,

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Moses Alexander: Jewish Governor of Idaho, First Jewish Governor in the United States

Moses Alexander Values Codes I – E – L   Moses Alexander was born in 1853, in Obrigheim, Bavaria, the youngest of a family of eight children Moses Alexander came to United States at 14 years of age, selling newspapers in New York City. In New York, he

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Meyer Cohn: Early Jewish Agriculturalist of Marsh Valley, Idaho

Meyer Cohn Values Codes I – E – L   Meyer Cohn was born in 1844 in Schweutz, West Prussia. He came to the United States in 1865 as a young man of 21.   Along the way . . .  After spending time in New York, Meyer

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