Louis Zeckendorf: Early Jewish Pioneer Merchant of the Arizona/New Mexico Territories

Louis Zeckendorf

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Louis Zeckendorf, Tuscon Arizona, #WS1279

Louis Zeckendorf, Tuscon Arizona, #WS1279


Louis Zeckendorf was born in 1838  in Hanover, Germany                                                                                                                                                                                     

Louis Zeckendorf arrived in New York City in 1854.


Along the way….

Louis Zeckendorf  peddled merchandise around the New York area with goods on his back, eventually earning train fare to Kansas City.

From Kansas City, Louis Zeckendorf drove an ox wagon to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he finally arrived, in 1855.


Arizona-New Mexico Territory

From 1855-1857, Louis Zeckendorf partnered with Simon Rosentein, who had a store in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

In 1858 Louis Zeckendorf  joined with his brother, Aaron.

Together, A & L. Zeckendorf & Co. had stores in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Louis Zeckendorf became a naturalized as a citizen of the United States in 1860.

According to the territorial Census, Louis Zeckendorf was then worth $20,000.


A third store was opened in Tucson, Arizona by Louis Zeckendorf,  in 1866.

Aaron Zeckendorf died suddenly in 1872.


William Zeckendorf, the youngest brother arrived after serving in the Civil War, and was sent to manage the Tucson store.

William Zeckendorf was a very flamboyant merchant who loved publicity, but ran a very sloppy store.

His wife made him retire and move back to the comforts of New York City.


The final company name became L. Zeckendorf, when William “retired.”

L. Zeckendorf Store, Tucson, AZ, 1880's, #WS1277

L. Zeckendorf Store, Tucson, AZ, 1880’s,

Louis Zeckendorf proceeded to make the Tucson store into one on the great merchandising establishments of the Southwest.

L. Zeckendorf was noted for carrying a stock of general merchandise in large quantities of almost anything needed in this new territory.

L. Zeckendorf sold at both retail and wholesale levels, distributing merchandise throughout Arizona and parts of Mexico.

When, in the late 1890s, Louis Zeckendorf moved to New York to handle the purchasing of the vast array of merchandise for the Tucson store, Albert Steinfeld, had the entire business under his supervision and management.



Louis Zeckendorf became a charter member of the Santa Fe Historical Society in 1860.


Newspaper Adv, L. Zeckerdorf, Tucson, AZ, #WS7654

Newspaper Adv, L. Zeckerdorf, Tucson, AZ,


Louis Zeckendorf was a member of the Masons, Lodge No. 206  beginning in 1865.



Louis Zeckendorf married Mathilde  Z. Leventrill of South Carolina in 1870.

They had one son: Authur Louis Zeckendorf.



Louis Zeckendorf died in 1937 at the age of 96.

He is buried in the Zeckendorf-Leventritt Mausoleum, Salem Fields, Brooklyn



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