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The Jewish Museum of the American West

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The Western States Jewish History Association

Western States Jewish History Association is dedicated to the discovery, collection, and dissemination of items and information pertaining to the Pioneer Jews of the American West, and how and why they were so successful.

Western States Jewish History has been publishing a quarterly journal since 1968. Now, in our 50th year, we have created 50 Volumes (200 issues) – all telling the story of Jewish participation in the development of the American Wild West.

Beginning in the Fall 2018, we have discontinued our print edition, and all material will now be published here on our Jewish Museum of the American West.

We are a California 501-3c Non-Profit Corporation.We exist by donations only, which are gratefully accepted. Please send to:

Western States Jewish History


The Jewish Museum of the American West

P.O. Box 6741

Woodland Hills, CA 91365

Jewish Museum of the American West  consists of ever expanding Exhibition Halls for each of the regions, states, and/or cities West of the Mississippi River that were considered a part of the American Wild West.

Each Exhibition Hall features that area’s early Jewish Pioneers and their families, how they got here, and what they were able to accomplish.

Jewish numbers were large — often 5% to 10% in larger Western settlements and cities — at a time when Jews made up less than 1% of the U.S. population.

Theirs is a story of importance for every Jewish adult and child, and,  just as important, for the general public.


Importance for Everyone

This is the story of what happened, when a group of people, persecuted for 2,000 years, were let loose in a vast new area — the American Wild West — where virtually no one cared about their religion, and where they were free to explore seemingly endless avenues to make a living and raise their families.


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Why the Jews: is a short essay explaining how the early Jewish history in the American Wild West was unique.

Exhibition Halls: Each area of the West has its own Exhibition Hall. Exhibits of more Pioneers are added to each of these Exhibition Halls as we or you create them.

Indexes: Much of the material for our exhibitions come from articles published in Western States Jewish History during the past 50 years. Indexes list People, Places, and special editions of our Journal that are available for reading and research.

Submissions: You can help create an Exhibit for a Jewish Pioneer, Jewish Organization, or Synagogue of the West. There are no fees for this.

Donations: This is the only way we support ourselves. We hope you will join us as Members.

Contact Us: We need your information, ideas, corrections, and your family stories!

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