Benjamin Daniel Hyam: Jewish Pioneer Master Mason of California

Benjamin Daniel Hyam

Benjamin Daniel Hyam, Masonic Grand Master WS 16/2277

Benjamin Daniel Hyam, Masonic Grand Master
WS 16/2277

Values Codes – I-H-E-P


Benjamin D. Hyam was born in London in 1813,


Along the way

Benjamin Hyam served in the United States Army in both the Mexican War (1846-1848) and in the Civil War.



Benjamin Hyman arrived in California in 1850

The Masons

The importance of the Masonic Move­ment for pioneer Western Jews is epitomized by Benjamin Daniel Hyam, California’s third Grand Master of the Order.

Benjamin Hyam helped organize the Califor­nia Grand Lodge in April, 1850, and as the then-Master of Benecia Lodge he served as Secretary of the Found­ing Convention, held in Sacramento.

He was elected Grand Master of California Masonry in 1852.

In San Francisco he helped organize the Mount Moriah Masonic Lodge.



Among his personal friends were Henry Moses Lewis, a board member of Congregation Sherith Israel, and Joseph Shannon, Trea­surer of the County of San Francisco and the second President of Congregation Emanu-El.


Benjamin Daniel Hyam later practiced law for many years in Washington, D.C..


Benjamin Hyam died in 1893 and is buried in Washington.


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