Isidore Karsky & Samuel Karsky, Father and Son Jewish Merchants of Weaverville in the California Gold Country

Isidore Karsky & Samuel Karsky

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Isidore Karsky (1830-1867) and Hannah Abrahm Karsky (1831-1897), came to the United States in 1857 from Prussia, settling in California.

Isidore Karsky, was the proprietor of I. Karsky & Co. in San Francisco.

Weaverville, California

In 1866, Isidore Karsky entered into a partnership with M. Karsky and I. Abraham.

Together they founded a mercantile firm called Karsky & Abraham, in Weaverville, California, the County Seat of Trinity County in the Gold Country.

Prospector in Weaverville, CA, Vintage Postcard

Prospector in Weaverville, CA, Vintage Postcard


Isidore and Hannah Karsky had six children: Samuel, Morris, Miriam (1857-1929), Theresa, Sarah and Victor (1861-1886).

Isidore Karsky died suddenly, in Weaverville, in 1867.

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Samuel Karsky

Samuel Karsky was born in 1862 in San Francisco, California.

Around 1876, Samuel Karsky graduated from South Cosmopolitan Grammar School in San Francisco.

He was confirmed at Temple Emanu-El Synagogue.

In 1879, the Weaverville firm was renamed I. Abraham Dry Goods & Clothing.”

Around 1882, Samuel Karsky joined the Weaverville mercantile firm.

In 1883, the firm was renamed, again, Abraham & Karsky.”

Weaverville, early 1900's

Weaverville, early 1900’s


Samuel Karsky was a member of Mount Bally Parlor, Native Sons of the Golden West and Chosen Friends.


Samuel Karsky married Beckie

They had two children: Irving L. (1900-1989) and Walter S. (b.1910?).


Samuel Karsky died in 1927 in San Francisco, California.

He is buried in the Hills of Eternity Cemetery in Colma, California.


For more information see the following articles in Western States Jewish History:

  • “Karsky of Weaverville,”  Western States Jewish History, vol.15, #2.

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