Henry Levy, Pioneer Jewish Hotelier of Independence in Inyo County, California

Henry Levy

Henry and Mary Joseph Levy, 1870's, Independence, CA

Henry and Mary Joseph Levy, 1870’s, Independence, CA

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Henry Levy was born in 1846 in Wineslowsky, Posen, Poland.


Along the way

Around 1861, Henry Levy came to the United States, and settled first  in San Francisco, California.

Levy then worked as a barber in Northern California mining towns like Dixon and Davisville.


The Owens Valley

In 1874, Henry Levy went to Owens Valley, east of Fresno,where he became a hotelier, founding the 300 foot Miners’ Hotel & French Restaurant in the Inyo County Seat called Independence.

Henry Levy and his wife, Mary, managed this hotel until 1884.


In 1884, the Levys opened a larger hotel called Blaney House.”

In 1886, a fire broke out in Independence, razing many buildings, including Blaney House

Henry and Mary Levy rebuilt their hotel on the site of the original Miners’ Hotel.


In late 1886, they opened for business under the new name – “Independence Hotel.”

Independence Hotel, Independence, CA 1900's

Independence Hotel, Independence, CA 1900’s

In 1879, when the nearby the Cerro Gordo mine closed,  Henry Levy purchased a bar from one of its saloons and installed it in his hotel.

During the 1880s, Levy opened a stable and operated a stagecoach in order to bring railroad travelers from the Citrus Station to Independence.

In 1899, Henry Levy expanded the hotel, renaming it The New Independence Hotel.” 

This hotel included a restaurant and a saloon that were connected to the main building by a covered alley.


In 1914, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, heavily involved in water from the Owens Valley, wired Levy’s hotel for electricity.

In 1920, when Henry Levy retired,  Mary Levy and her sons, Walter and Milton Levy, managed the Independence Hotel.

In 1938, Lena Levy joined her brother, Milton, in running the hotel. 

They continued as its managers until they sold the business around 1944.


In front of Independence Hotel, 1916

In front of Independence Hotel, 1916


Around 1874, Henry Levy married Huldah Sultan (Hulday according to her tombstone).

She died around 1875.

In 1876, Henry Levy married Mary Joseph (1860-1953).

Together had eight children: Mark (1877-1884), Birdie Levy Yandell (1879-1982), Minnie Levy Mairs (1881-1967), Joseph (1883-1900), Milton (1885-1947), Lena (1886-1967), Walter (1892-1938) and Edith Levy Brierly (1895-1980).


Henry Levy died in 1925.

He is buried in the Independence Cemetery in Inyo County, California.


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Samantha Silver is Curator for this Henry Levy Exhibit.