Julius, Susan and Isaac Levy, Pioneer Jewish Merchants of Virginia City and San Francisco.

 Julius and Susan Levy,

and Brother Isaac Levy

Susan Levy, San Francisco, #WS2136

Susan Levy, San Francisco,

 Value Codes I-E-L-P


Julius and Isaac Levy operated a dry goods and ladies clothing store, Julius Levy & Bro., at 1106 Stockton in San Francisco in the 1860’s.

 In the early days, the brothers lived in the back of the store.

After Julius married, he and his wife, Susan, and fast growing family lived at 1509 Powell, and by the mid-1870’s, at 921 Jackson.

With Virginia City rapidly becoming an important silver mining boomtown, the Levy brothers decided to open a branch store there. 

Isaac Levy went to Nevada to operate the Virginia City store of Julius Levy & Bro.

By the mid-1870’s, the San Francisco store of Julius Levy & Bro. had relocated to 1004 Stockton.

Around 1882, Isaac Levy returned to San Francisco from Virginia City as the price of silver fell and the mines were playing out.



Isaac Levy became a member of Nevada B’nai B’rith Lodge #52 – one of the largest and most prosperous lodges in the B’nai B’rith Grand Lodge District #4.

Isaac Levy was also elected as Trustee of the Hebrew Self-Protecting Association – a charitable group devoted to benevolent, religious, and cultural activities.

In 1864, the Hebrew Self-Protecting Association of Virginia City rented quarters and conducted High Holy Day services.

The hall was filled with earnest and attentive people, among whom the ladies played a conspicuous part.


Julius Levy married Susan (?).

Together they had twelve children. 

More information can be found in the following issue of Western States Jewish History:

  • Julius & Susan Levy: Virginia City, Nevada & San Francisco, California, by Dr. Norton B. Stern, WSJH, Vol.#41, Issue #141/2