Nebraska Exhibition Hall

Nebraska Exhibition Hall

Nebraska was designated as a “Territory” in 1854 with the Kansas-Nebraska Act.

William Krause was probably the first Jewish settler with one of the first group of pioneers who settled in Raccoon Forks,
which was later renamed – Des Moines.

Nebraska Territorial Centennial Stamp
Nebraska Territorial Centennial Stamp

Temple Israel: Nebraska’s First Synagogue – The Early Years

Congregation B’nai Jeshurun: The South Street Temple of Lincoln, Nebraska

Meyer Hellman & Aaron Cahn: First Permanent Jewish Residents of Omaha

Leopold May, First Jewish Pioneer of Omaha, Nebraska

The Pioneer Meyer Brothers of Omaha, Nebraska

Edward & Andrew Rosewater: Jewish Pioneers of Omaha, Nebraska

Noteworthy Jewish Pioneers of Omaha, Nebraska

Moses D. Pass, Pioneer Jewish Physician and Drugstore Owner of Nebraska