The Official Sutro Tunnel Plat Map, 1887: A Special Exhibit

The Official Sutro Tunnel Plat Map

Virginia City, Nevada


The Sutro Tunnel main tunnel was 3.88 miles long and the side tunnels were 2.42 miles long.

The total tunnels of the Sutro Tunnel System totaled 6.30 miles.


This map was found folded within a small, hardbound book: The Sutro Tunnel Company and The Sutro Tunnel, Property, Income, Prospects and Pending Litigation, Report to the Stockholders,  by Theodore Sutro, Attorney, Counsellor for the Sutro Tunnel Company, New York, July, 1887.

The Book is part of the archives of Western States Jewish History Association.


The Sutro Tunnel ran from the Comstock Lode at Virgina City, downhill to the town of Sutro.

There Adolph Sutro laid out farm plots in the arid land and watered them with water drained from the Comstock Lode mines.

The fresh produce grown there was sold in Virginia City.

Talk about recycling!


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More information can be found in the following issue of Western States Jewish History:

  • Sutro, Adolph, Pioneer Jews of San Francisco, Part Two, M-Z, Norton Stern, 41/2
The Sutro Tunnel
Plat of the Sutro Tunnel and its Branches