The Reinharts: Pioneer Jewish Family of Nevada

The Reinharts: Pioneer Jewish Family of Nevada

Simon Reinhart, Elko,NV, #WS0209

Simon Reinhart, Elko, NV, #WS0209

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For two generations, from the 1860s to the 1930s, the Reinhart family was a major economic force in Nevada.


Simon Reinhart, Sr.


Simon Reinhart, Sr. was born in Oberlustadt in Bavaria, Germany.

In 1844, he came to North America, where he first settled in Victoria, British Columbia before moving to Elko, Nevada.

Reinhart’s father, Maximo, established a general merchandise store in Elko, Nevada, which sold everything from flour to wedding dresses.

Simon and his brother Benjamin Reinhart managed the store until they had a falling out.

Simon next joined Eli Reinhert, another brother, at their Winnemucca, Nevada store.

Reinhart & Co. Store-Winnemucca,NV, #WS0216

Reinhart & Co. Store, Winnemucca, NV, #WS0216

After the argument was resolved, Simon commuted between the Elko and Winnemucca stores, which were owned by all three brothers and called Reinhart Brothers.

In 1872, Eli purchased the Winnemucca store from his brothers.

Simon continued managing the Elko store.

This store’s name later changed to M. Reinhart and Company.

The Reinhart brothers also owned the Winnemucca Water and Light Companyand had shares of ownership in the Winnemucca State Bank & Trust Company and the Reinhart Land and Live Stock Company.

Eventually, Simon Reinhart, Sr. retired to San Francisco, California.


Four Reinhart Brothers and a sister in Winnemucca,NV, #WS0220

Four Reinhart Brothers and a sister in Winnemucca, NV, #WS0220

Eli Reinhart


Eli Reinhart was born in 1834 in Oberlustadt, in Bavaria, Germany.

He came to America in 1865.

He settled in Marysville, California, where his brothers, Benjamin and Simon Reinhart, already lived.

The three brothers owned a men’s clothing store in Marysville.

In 1868, Eli Reinhart opened a store in Winnemucca, Nevada.

In 1872, Eli bought ownership of his brothers’ store, renaming it E. Reinhart & Company, which became the “heaviest dealer in general merchandise in Nevada.”

Eli Reinhart did not marry, but from 1876 to 1882 adopted five of his nephews: Amson, Edward, Simon, Louis, and Moses.

The boys were educated in Bavaria, and Eli arranged for their passage to America.

They worked for the family business and eventually assumed its management.

Eli Reinhart died in 1892 in San Francisco.


The Reinhart's Water Company, Winnemucca, NV, #WS0223

The Reinhart’s Water Company, Winnemucca, NV, #WS0223

Benjamin Reinhart


Benjamin Reinhart was born in Oberlustadt in Bavaria, Germany.

In 1844, he came to America with his brother Simon.

He settled in Victoria, British Columbia.

Benjamin and Simon moved to Maryville, California, where they ran a men’s clothing store with their brother, Eli.

In 1867 or 1868, Benjamin moved to Elko, Nevadawhere he worked with his brothers.

Benjamin had a son, Edgar Reinhart, who married Essie.

By 1913, Edgar was running the store.


Moses Reinhart


Moses Reinhart was born in Oberlustadt in Bavaria, Germany in 1860.

He had four brothers, Edward, Amson, Louis, and Simon, and a sister, Fanny.

In 1876, Moses Reinhart came to America, where he settled in Winnemucca, Nevada

In 1889, Moses and his brother, Edward, worked for his uncle’s store, E. Reinhart & Company.

In 1892, Amson and Simon, Moses’ other brothers, became partners in the Reinhart firm.

Moses Reinhart was president of the Reinhart Land and Stock FirmSimon was vice president, and Edward was secretary.

Moses was a thirty-second degree Mason and a Shriner.

He married Marie Ruckteshler in 1888 in Winnemucca, Nevada.

They had three children: Oscar, Edna, and Helen.

Dora Levy Reinhart of Winnemucca, NV, #WS0222

Dora Levy Reinhart of Winnemucca, NV, #WS0222


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Samantha Silver is curator of this Reinhart Family exhibit.