California Gold Country

The Danielewicz Brothers: Jewish Real Estate Merchants of Mokelumne Hill, California

The Danielewicz Brothers Values Codes I – E – L   The Danielewicz brothers were born in Prussia: Joseph (b. 1823), Gustave (b. 1825), and Julius (b. 1839), and Samuel (b. 1841). The brothers journeyed to America in the 1850’s.   Mokelumne Hill From 1858 to 1881, the Joseph, Gustave, and Julius rented and sold

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Temple Israel of Stockton: One of the Oldest Synagogues in California

Temple Israel of Stockton   The City of Stockton was founded in 1846. Stockton was the main supplier of goods for mines between the Merced River and the Mokulumne River in California’s Gold Country. Three early Jewish merchants were Isaac Zacharias, J. Rosenbaum, and Bernard Frankenheimer. By 1851, Ryhim Ahoovim,

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Herman Davidson: Early Rabbi-Cantor of Stockton, California

Rabbi-Cantor Herman (Kantorowitz) Davidson Values Codes I – H – E – L   Herman Davidson was born in 1846 in the Russian village of Kapulya, Gubernia Minsk. He received thorough training in Hebrew liturgy from his cantor-father, Nathan Kantorowitz. As Herman matured, he developed a fine baritone

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