Utah Exhibition Hall

Anna Rich Marks: Jewish Mining Investor and Real Estate Entrepreneur of Early Utah

Anna Rich Marks Values Codes I – E – L “The feistiest woman in Utah.”   Anna Rich was born, in 1847, in Russian-occupied Poland.   Along the way . . . In 1862, Anna Rich journeyed to London, England. In London, Anna  married Wolff Marks (1842-1918).

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The Auerbachs: Jewish Pioneer Department Store Family of Salt Lake City, Utah

The Auerbach Family Values Codes I – H – E – L -P The First Generation   Frederick H. Auerbach was born in Fordon, Prussia, in 1836. Samuel H. Auerbach was born in Fordon, Prussia, in 1847. Their  parents were Hillel and Beulah Auerbach. Along the way . .

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Simon Bamberger, Utah’s first Jewish Governor, First Non-Morman Governor & First Democrat Governor

Simon Bamberger Values Codes I – H – E – L – P   Simon Bamberger was born in 1846 in Eberstadt, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany. His parents were Emanuel and Helen Fleich Bamberger. They saved enough money for Simon to immigrate to America in 1860, at the age of

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