Isadore & Anna Solomon: Founders of Solomonville, Arizona Territory

Isadore & Anna Solomon

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Isadore Elkan Solomon, 1916, WS1241

Isadore Elkan Solomon, 1916,

Isadore Solomon was born in Posen (Poznan), Poland in 1841.

Anna Freunenthal was born in Posen (Poznan), Poland in 1844.

They left for the United States the day after their wedding in  Inowraclow, Poland.

Isidore and Anna Solomon arrived in America in 1872.


Along the way . . .

Isadore and Anna Solomon first settled in Towanda, Pennsylvania, where they had a livery business.


Arizona Territory

In 1876, Isadore and Anna Solomon sold all they possessed and headed to New Mexico with their three small children. They traveled by train — to the end of the line — and then by stage to Clifton, Arizona Territory.

Anne Solomon (Nee)Freudenthal ^Solomonville,AZ, #WS1236

“We sold everything we possessed except our three children, and started on our journey to New Mexico.  We had a very hard trip even on the railroad, traveling with those three babies was bad enough, but when we reach La Junta, the end of the railroad in those days, and had to travel by stage, packed in like sardines, traveling day and night for six days… When we got there I was so tired out to death.” — Anna Freunenthal Solomon



Isaac Solomon earned a miner’s wage until he landed a contract to supply Anna’s cousin, the mine owner, with charcoal.

The Solomons set up home and the charcoal operation in Pueblo Viejo along the Gila River.

As the mesquite for charcoal was used up, the land proved fertile and productive. Isaac Solomon became the principal supplier of crops for four army forts and had government supply contracts for 25 years.

The Solomons expanded into livestock, merchandising, freighting, and forwarding as the Solomon Commercial Company.

Solomon Store, Solomonville, AZ, circa 1910, #WS1239

Solomon Store, Solomonville, AZ, circa 1910,

Eventually Isadore Solomon opened the Gila Valley Bank in 1900.

Anna Solomon opened the Solomon Hotel, which became the social center of town.

The Solomons also owned the Montezuma Flour Mill and, in 1890, partnered with Anna’s bother, Phoebus Frudenthal  to form the Solomonville-Sheldon Stageline.

When the Solomon’s first arrived in Pueblo Viejo, there were only five dwellings.

The territorial mail carrier changed the town’s name to Solomonville.


Civic Involvements

Isadore Solomon promoted the creation of Graham County, breaking away from Pima County.

Territorial Governor Fremont appointed Isadore Solomon the County Treasurer.

Solomonville became Graham County Seat for 34 years.

The Solomons sold their store in 1916 and the hotel three years later.

Isadore and Anna Solomon then moved to Los Angeles, California.


Anna Solomon's Solomonville Hotel, #WS1237

Anna Solomon’s Solomonville Hotel, #WS1237


Isadore and Anna had 6 children: Lillie (Lantin), Charles, Blanche (Weinberger) Rose (Goldberg), Eva (Wetzler), and Harry.

All 6 children married within the faith. (Anna insisted.)


Isadore Solomon died in 1930.

Anna Solomon died in 1933.

They are buried together in the Hollywood Memorial Cemetery — “Hollywood Forever” — in the Beth Olam Mausoleum.

Isador, Anna and family, Solomonville, AZ, #WS1240

Isador, Anna and family, Solomonville, AZ, #WS1240

Capital Stock Certificate, Gila Valley Bank,Solomonville, AZ,#WS1235

Capital Stock Certificate, Gila Valley Bank, Solomonville, AZ,#WS1235


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Regina Merwin is curator of this Isadore & Anna Solomon exhibit.