How Can I Get an Exhibit for My Western Pioneer Jewish Ancestors?

We define Western Jewish Pioneer Ancestors as those who settled in States/areas west of the Mississippi and lived the main part of their lives no later than 1920. (Wisconsin, Alaska, and Hawaii included.)

An Exhibit of your ancestor is not meant to be a complete Biography.

We need as much of the requested information that follows: Facts only (please, no editorializing). You need not write full sentences.

Pioneer’s Name

Year born

Where born

Parent’s Name(s) & Siblings

When, Where and How he/she arrived in North America

Year of Naturalization

Along the way . . . . (What he/she did to get to final destination in America)

Arrived Destination — where and what year

How he/she supported him/herself

Company Name(s)

Jewish Community Involvement

Civic Involvements

Social Organization Involvements


Married Whom & When


Year and Place of Death

Where Buried

When & Where Spouse passed away

Where Buried

Relevant newspaper quotes during life

Obituary quotes

Photographs (Please contact us for photo information)

Then we need . . . .

Your Name, relationship

Your phone # and email address for correspondence

Once we have enough information, we will create the Exhibit and send you the link for review for errors and omissions.

There is no charge for this — although donations keep us going.


Copy the basic information requests above and paste them into a word document. Add a number of spaces between each item requested and fill in the information.

Email the page(s) to us at:

For questions, advice, etc. call us at (562) 405-4176  (Pacific Time)

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