“Jews in the News” in the State of Washington, 1885 to 1915 – From Primary Resources Soon Afterwards

“Jews in the News”

Word from Walla Walla, Washington Territory, 1885

Once a year, that is at Rosh Hashanah, the Jews here congregate in the Odd Fellows Hall, where they hold services and atone for all their sins until after Yom Kippur, when they begin again sinning with renewed vigor.

Having no rabbi here, the officiating is taken by turns by those who have in the by-gone days of their youth, studied for the rabbinate

Speaking of rabbis, last wee, the Rev. Dr. [Gustav a.] Danziger from Portland, Oregon, paid a visit to Walla Walla, during which time the gentleman made a number of friends.

–Jewish Free Press, St. Louis, June 26 1885  [WSJH V18 #2]

A Spokane Birth in 1889

A son who was recently born to Mr. and Mrs. E(ugene) Michael, of Spokane Falls, will bear through life the proud distinction of being the first Israelite born in the State of Washington.

Mrs. Michael is a native of Cincinnati, a daughter of Mr. Jacob Loeb, a well-known printer.

–The American Israelite, Cincinnati, December 26, 1889  [WSJH V10 #3]

Seattle’s First Congregation in 1894

Last Sunday the annual meeting of the Congregation Ohaveth Sholom was held and the following officers were elected: President G. Winehill; Vice President E. Rosenberg; Treasurer Leo Kohn; Secretary E. Morganstern; Trustees: Melvin G. Winstock, M. E. Grunbaum, S. Aronson, J. Berkman, and P. Singerman.

–The Jewish Progress, San Francisco, November 16, 1894  [WSJH V23 #4]

A Washington State Legislator – 1905

David Levin of Tacoma, Washington, was born in Kolmar, Germany, fifty-two years ago.

He obtained his schooling in Germany, coming to the United States when he was sixteen years old. He went directly to California.

Remaining there but a short time, he came on to Portland, Oregon. He engaged in the merchandise trade there, successfully following the business for several years.

He then came to Tacoma and entered the real estate business, and has followed it ever since.

Having lived in Tacoma for thirty-one years, he is one of the pioneer citizens, and has seen much of the growth and development of both the city and state.

He was elected to the Lower House of the Legislature in 1897.

He is a married man and has one daughter.

–The American Israelite, Cincinnati, February 9, 1905.  [WSJH V10 #1]

Infants’ Aid in Seattle – 1915

We add this week to the list of Jewish charitable organizations of Seattle the name of the Infants’ Aid Society.

Miss Tessie Zeeve and Miss Fanny Pritica, superintendents, and FromMiss Rebecca Schneider, secetary.

The object of this society, which was organized about a year ago, is the furnishing of outfits for babies of the poor and needy free of charge.

This society consists of twenty-two members, Jewish young ladies who meet every other Wednesday at the Settlement House for the purpose of making these tiny garments; and they have distributed quite a number of complete sets.

–The Jewish Voice, Seattle, December 10, 1915  [WSJH V20 #1]

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