Maurice Kremer: Very Early Pioneer Jewish Merchant and Civil Servant of Los Angeles

Maurice Kremer

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Maurice Kremer, early Los Angeles merchant


Maurice Kremer was born in Lorraine, France, in 1824.

When he arrived in the United States, he stayed for a while in Memphis, Tennessee.

He then traveled down the Mississippi River to New Orleans, and took a steamer to Panama.

From there he walked across the Isthmus, took a steamer up to San Francisco, and then down to Wilmington and Los Angeles, arriving in 1852.


Los Angeles

In Los Angeles he joined his cousin, Solomon Lazard.

Together, the cousins formed Lazard & Kremer Co., a dry goods operation, in 1852.


Maurice Kremer’s early Los Angeles store.

In 1856, Kremer joined with Joseph Newmark, Joseph P. Newmark, and Harris Newmark in Newmark, Kremer & Co., a wholesale-retail dry goods company.

Later, Kremer opened his own fruit shipping company for farmers, called M. Kremer & Co.

In 1889, he entered the insurance business selling fire insurance.

He remained in this business until his death in 1907.



From 1860 to 1865, Maurice Kremer was Treasurer of Los Angeles.

Children of Maurice Kremer. 1887, #WS1013

Children of Maurice Kremer. 1887,

From 1866 to 1874, he served on the Los Angeles School Board.

In 1875, he was City Clerk of Los Angeles.

From 1876 to 1879, he was Tax Collector of Los Angeles.

In 1900, he was made Chief Tax Collector of Los Angeles.

Maurice Kremer spoke English, Spanish, French and German, all which helped him in these civic duties.



Maurice Kremer was a founding member of Congregation B’nai B’rith (now Wilshire Boulevard Temple).

He was also a founder of the Turnverein in 1859

In 1860, he helped found the French Benevolent Society.

In 1880, he was a trustee of the Hebrew Benevolent Society of Los Angeles.

His wife, Matilda Kremer, was a Charter Vice-President of the Ladies Hebrew Benevolent Society of Los Angeles.

In 1891, she helped found the Home of Peace Society to beautify and maintain the Jewish Cemetery in Chavez Ravine.

In 1890, she helped found the Temple Union Sewing Circle to make clothes for the poor and needy.



In 1856, Maurice Kremer married Matilda Newmark, the daughter of Joseph Newmark.

Together, they had 12 children, but only 6 survived infancy.

Their daughters were Rachel, Emily, Eda, and Agnes.

Their sons were Fred and Abraham.


Maurice Kremer passed away in 1907.

Maurice Kremer, #WS1001

Maurice Kremer,

















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