The Levy Brothers: Pioneer Chiropodists/Podiatrists of San Francisco & Aurora

Alexander, Jacob & Samuel Levy

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Alexander, Jacoband Samuel Levy were three of ten children of Leopold and Nanette Levywho were both born in Alsace-Lorraine, but met and married in San Francisco in 1862.

Tempted by the Gold Rush, Leopold and Nanette Levy rushed to the just-discovered mines at Aurora, on the California-Nevada border.

No-one was sure whether Aurora was in California or Nevada. A joint survey team was named by two judges, one from each state, to determine the proper borders.

Alexander Levy was born in 1964, in the small frame cabin in Aurora, and was recorded as having born in California.

Jacob Levy was born to the same parents in the same cabin, but was recorded as being born in Nevada – after the state lines had been verified.

(Years later, the two brothers, born in the same place but in two different states, made it into the columns of Ripley’s Believe It or Not.)

Aurora, CA & NV, birthplace of the Alexander & Jacob Levy

Aurora, CA & NV, birthplace of Alexander & Jacob Levy

San Francisco

Alexander, Jacob, and their younger brother, Samuel, had long careers as chiropodists, or podiatrists, in San Francisco.

Each had his own office by the turn of last century.

Dr. Alexander Levy practiced at 122 Taylor Street.

Dr. Alexander Levy in his office, San Francisco, 1900, #WS2023

Dr. Alexander Levy in his office, San Francisco, 1900, #WS2023

Dr. Jacob Levy’s office was at 6 O’Farrell, and Dr. Samuel R. Levy’s office was at 415 Sutter.

Dr. Jacob Levy in his office, 1900, San Francisco. #WS2021

Dr. Jacob Levy in his office, 1900, San Francisco, #WS2021

Later, Jacob Levy’s office moved to the Phelan Buildingand Samuel Levy had his office at the Palace Hotel.

Dr. Samuel Levy was instrumental in obtaining a California licensing law for chiropody in 1914.

A later chiropractic symbol


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