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Los Angeles Area, A – M

1890s Arrival in Los Angeles from the Ukraine; Harry F. Maidenberg; 24/1

Aid Pours in After the Earthquake, 1994; Heritage Newspapers; 27/3

Alcoholism and Addiction: The History of Bet T’shuvah and Related Agencies: Response, Recovery, and Prevention Efforts in the Los Angeles Jewish Community; Carol Felixson; 37/1

Angeles National Forest; Habonim Camp Kvutza, Late 1940s; Steve Breuer; 45/2

Babin’s Kosher Restaurants: A Los Angeles Odyssey; Marc Lee Raphael; 1/4

Banker of the Southland in 1885; Joseph D. Lynch; 9/3

Before and at the Beginning of Federation in Los Angeles; Norton B. Stern; 19/1

The Beginning of Los Angeles’ First Jewish Hospital; Victor Harris; 8/2

Beginning of the Jewish Consumptive Relief Association (City of Hope); 20/2

Best Friend of the Animals, 1871; William M. Kramer; 42/2&3

Beth El Was Hollywood; William M. Kramer; 42/2&3

B’nai B’rith Messenger: Reviewing the First 74 Years of the Newspaper’s Community Service, 1897–1971; Leonard Leader; 47/1

B’nai B’rith Social Scene in Los Angeles, 1902; Julius R. Black; 14/2

Boyle Heights: A Study in Ghettos, 1935; David Weissman; 43/3&4

Boyle Heights and Glendale: Manayim & Max Straus: Two Summer Camps; Asher Rosen; 45/2

Boyle Heights Victory House in Los Angeles Sells Over $1,000,000 in World War II Bonds and Stamps, 1943; 30/2

Boys Will Be Boys at Kramer’s Dancing Academy; William M. Kramer; 42/2&3

Brandeis Camp Institute, 1954; Myra Rosenthal Newman; 45/2

But Was She Jewish?; William M. Kramer; 42/2&3

Call for a Jewish Heritage Historical Fire Brigade!; William Kramer; 42/2&3

Camp Habonim Dror/Camb Gilboa, 1976; Liz (Lambert) Bar-El; 45/2

Camp Max Straus, Camp Kinder Ring, and Brandeis Camp Institute, mid 1940s and 1950s; Phillip Landsberg, 45/2

“Charity Knows Neither Race nor Creed”: Jewish Philanthropy to Roman Catholic Projects in Los Angeles, 1856–1876; Michael E. Engh; 21/2

Chinese-Jewish Moh-ist; Los Angeles; William Kramer; 42/2&3

A Collection of a Boyle Heights Milkman; Mel Roberts; 43/3&4

The Concordia Club: Presenting Drama, Los Angeles, California, February 2, 1894; Norton B. Stern; 41/3

Confirmation at Temple B’nai B’rith, Los Angeles, 1913; David W. Epstein; 31/1

Congregational Politics in Los Angeles, 1897; Veritas; 6/2

The Cream of Los Angeles Society, 1902; 14/3

A Day in Santa Monica, 1884; Rosalie Meyer; 6/1

Dedication of the First Jewish Hospital in Southern California, 1902; 22/4

The Early History of Congregation B’nai B’rith, Los Angeles (Wilshire Boulevard Temple); 33/1

An Early History of the Jewish Orphans’ Home of Southern California through clippings and Quotes; edited by Regina Merwin; 45/2

Early Newspaper Reports of Jewish Pioneers in the Los Angeles Areas (Newspaper Clippings 1851–1900); 47/3&4

An Ecumenical First; William M. Kramer; 42/2&3

Encore; Reva Clar; 23/3

European Jewish and Non-Jewish Marital Patterns in Los Angeles, 1910–1913: A Comparative Approach; Marc Lee Raphael; 6/2

Exiled Roumanian Jews Here in Los Angeles, 1904; 29/3

The Federation of Jewish Charities of Los Angeles in 1923; May W. Goldman; 23/1

Fighting Bigotry: On the Airwaves, in Government, and on the Streets, Los Angeles, 1948; Carey McWilliams; 33/1

Film Industry Recollections; Carmel Myers; 8/2

First History of Roosevelt High School, 1924; 43/3&4

First Jewish Community Site, Los Angeles; Thomas Cohen; 1/3

First Jewish President of the Los Angeles City Council; Gene Caper and Norton B. Stern; 17/1

The First Synagogue in Los Angeles; Tom Owen; 1/1

From Sherman Oaks to Huntington Beach; Bill Shane; 44/3&4

Ground Breaking for the New Kaspare Cohn Hospital, “Cedars of Lebanon,” Los Angeles, California, 1929; Norton B. Stern; 41/3

Growing Up on Temple Street During the “Twenties and Thirties,” Los Angeles: Eye Witness Accounts; compiled by Mort Rogo; 33/4

Habonim Camp Gilboa, 1960s and 1970s; Dalia Belinkoff; 45/2

Habonim Camp Kvutza, 1942 and 1943; Adar Belinkoff; 45/2

Habonim Camp Kvutza Naame; Shimonia Kushner; 45/2

A Half Century: National Council of Jewish Women, Los Angeles “Section,” 1909–1959; 37/2

Hebrew Benevolent Society of Los Angeles, California: Constitution and By-Laws, 1855; 30/2

Hebrew Union College: A Crying Shame, 1880; William M. Kramer; 42/2&3

Histories Submitted by Various Valley Jewish Organizations for this Special 1950 Issue of the Valley Jewish News; 45/4

History and Early Legends of Los Angeles’ Early Jewish Community; Stephen E. Breuer; 50/3&4

History in the Making: A New Life for the History of Jewish Los Angeles; Erik Greenberg; 38/3&4

History of the Movement to Establish a Jewish Orphan’s Home in Los Angeles; Siegfried G. Marshutz; 9/2

The History of the Wagner Human Services Training Program at the University of Judaism, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, 1980–Present; Phoebe Frank; 36/1

Hollenbeck Junior High Celebrates Public Schools Week, 1940; 43/3&4

Hollywood and the Los Angeles Jewish Community, Junior Division: A Picture Story; Julian “Bud” Lesser; 16/3

How the “Vest was Von”: An Irreverent Account of the Conservative Occupation of Los Angeles; Max Vorspan; 29/4

I Remember: 67 Former Residents of Boyle Heights Write of Their Early Years; 43/3&4

In Memoriam: Norton Stern; William M. Kramer; 24/3

Introduction (Boyle Heights Recollections and Remembrances); Abraham Hoffman; 32/3&4

Introduction (Interviews and Articles with Descendants of the Early Pioneers of Los Angeles; David W. Epstein and Gladys Sturman; 41/3

Introduction (The Los Angeles Sephardic Experience); William M. Kramer; 28/4

Introduction (Pioneer Jews of Los Angeles in the Nineteenth Century); Stephen Aron; 38/3&4

Introduction (Sephardic Jews in the West Coast States, Vol. II: The Los Angeles Sephardic Experience); William M. Kramer; 28/4

The Jewish Aeronautical Association; Sue Lipman and Norton B. Stern; 4/2

Jewish Aeronautical Association: Unique in the USA, Los Angeles, California, 1933–1941; Norton B. Stern; 41/3

Jewish Bakery History: Los Angeles, 1849–1926; Herbert Robbins; 35/2

The Jewish Cemetery in Chavez Ravine: The First Jewish Community Site in Los Angeles, 1855; Thomas Cohen; 38/3&4

Jewish Civil Servants of Los Angeles, More Comes to Light; William M. Kramer; 42/2&3

The Jewish Club of 1933, Inc: A German-Jewish Presence in Los Angeles; Annelise Bunzel; edited by George J. Fogelson; 29/3

Jewish Congregations in Boyle Heights, 1942; 43/3&4

Jewish Defense Agencies at Work: The “Oil Chair” at USC; Marc Lee Raphael; introduction by Joseph Roos; 26/3

Jewish Economic and Residential Mobility in Early Los Angeles; Mitchell B. Gelfand; 11/4

Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles: Historical Reflections of 145 Years of Service; Lee Lainer; 30/4

Jewish Old Town, Pasadena, California: A Walking Tour, 1920–1940; Michael Several; 45/4

Jewish Orphans’ Home: An Early History of the Jewish Orphans’ Home of Southern California Through Clippings and Quotes; Regina Merwin; 45/2

Jewish Pioneers of Los Angeles: An Overview; Norton B. Stern; 33/1

The Jewish Presence in Glendale, California, 1920; Los Angeles; Harold Singer; 40/1

The Jewish Response to the Los Angeles Riots; Susan E. Rubin; 25/3

The Jewish Roots of Hollywood Music; Jonathan L. Friedmann; 45/1

Jewish Spiritual Geology; William M. Kramer; 27/3

Jewish Studies at Los Angeles Valley College, 1970–Present; Zev Garber; 35/3

Jews in Early Santa Monica: A Centennial Review; 7/4

Jews in Police Records of Los Angeles, 1933–1947; N. Goldberg; 33/3

Jews in the 1870 Census of Los Angeles; Norton B. Stern; 9/1, 38/3&4

The Ladies’ Hebrew Benevolent Society of Los Angeles in 1892; Virginia Katz; 10/2, 38/3&4

Later Merchants and Civic Leaders; David N. Myers; 38/3&4

A Letter of Protest About Roosevelt High School, 1950; 43/3&4

Location of Los Angeles Jewry at the Beginning of 1851; Norton B. Stern; 5/1, 38/3&4

Long Beach, California Jewry: Viewed in 1930 and 1968; Harvey B. Franklin; 23/2

The Long Beach Earthquake of 1933; Regina Lindenbaum; 12/3, 27/3

Los Angeles Area Earthquake of 1933; Ira L. Harris; 16/3, 27/3

Los Angeles B’nai B’rith Lodge No. 487: A 1905 Report; 11/2

Los Angeles Broders: A Picture Story; 13/3

The Los Angeles Earthquake of 1994 and the Jewish Community; William M. Kramer and Robin L. Gilson; 27/3

Los Angeles Jewish Homes for the Aging: Forgotten Origins; Norton B. Stern and William B. Kramer; 18/2

Los Angeles Jewish Voters During Grant’s First Presidential Race; Norton B. Stern; 13/2, 38/3&4

Los Angeles Jewry and Stow’s Anti-Semitism; Norton B. Stern; 7/4

Los Angeles Jewry and the Chicago Fire; Norton B. Stern; 6/4

Los Angeles Jewry’s First President; William M. Kramer; 7/2

Los Angeles Lodge Boasts Many Prominent Officials; 33/2

Los Angeles Rhodesli Community; Aron Hasson; 28/4

Los Angeles’ Sephardic Jewish Messenger; William M. Kramer; 42/2&3

Los Angeles 1970 to the Present: An Encyclopedic Essay; Max Vorspan; 26/2

Manayim and Max Straus: Two Summer Camps; Asher Rosen; 45/2

Memories of the 1971 San Fernando Sylmar Quake; 27/3

Men of Distinction in Early Los Angeles: A Gallery Story; 7/3

Menorah Center in Its Twilight Year, 1954–1957; 43/3&4

“My Father Owns Stock”: Private versus Public Control of the Los Angeles River; Abraham Hoffman; 12/2

“My Son Came Out of the Closet”; Agnes G. Herman; 27/2

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