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An American Zion in Nevada: The Rise and Fall of an Agricultural Colony; Norton B. Stern and William M. Kramer; 13/2

A Brief History of Reno: Nevada’s Jewish Community and the Building of Temple Emanu-El, 1868–1976; Phillip I. Earl; 40/2

Eureka, Nevada: A “Nevada Suburb” of San Francisco; Nevada; Norton B. Stern; 41/4

The Jewish Community of a Nevada Mining Town; Norton B. Stern; 15/1

Murder in Nevada, 1869; William M. Kramer; 42/2&3

Notes on a Virginia City Police Chief; Norton B. Stern; 12/1

Problems of a Nevada Jewish Community in 1875; 8/2

The Rise and Fall of the Jewish Community of Austin, Nevada; 9/1

Tipperusalem, Nevada; William M. Kramer; 42/2&3

New Mexico

First Synagogue at Albuquerque, 1900; 11/1

A Glimpse of Organized Jewry of Las Vegas, New Mexico During Its Peak Years; Norton B. Stern; 15/2

The Inquisition and the Crypto-Jewish Community; Stanley M. Hordes; 24/2, 29/1

Jews of Early Los Alamos: A Memoir; Paul Sperling; 18/4

Las Vegas, New Mexico Attorney Leaves Town in 1890; 14/1

The Los Alamos Jewish Center: The Earliest Beginnings, Los Alamos, New Mexico, 1944–1957; Abraham I. Shinedling; 39/1

Modern Descendants of Conversos in New Mexico; David S. Nidel; introduction by Paul J. Citrin; 16/3, 29/1

Reluctant Pilgrims of Santa Fe, New Mexico; A David Scholder; 40/2

Wisdom of the Ages Helped Name a Nevada Mining Town, Tipperusalem; William M. Kramer; 42/2&3

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North Dakota

Central North Dakota’s Jewish Farmers in 1903; Abraham R. Levy; 11/1

Chanalel, North Dakota; Uri D. Herscher; 25/3

Fargo, North Dakota’s Lonely Jewish Cemetery; Cathy Mauk; 26/3

A History of North Dakota Jewry and Their Pioneer Rabbi, Part I; Isadore Papermaster; 10/1

A History of North Dakota Jewry and Their Pioneer Rabbi, Part II; Isadore Papermaster; 10/2

A History of North Dakota Jewry and Their Pioneer Rabbi, Part III; Isadore Papermaster; 10/3

Jewish Communal Life in Fargo, North Dakota: The Formative Years, 1881–1917; Robert J. Lazar; 35/2

A North Dakota Letter, 1897; 14/3

North Dakota Memories; Henry Fine and Lea Fine; 9/4

Remarkable North Dakota Campaign for Jewish War Sufferers, Minneapolis, Dec. 1, 1918; 26/2


American Jewish Archives; Gladys Sturman and Stanley F. Chyet; 31/2&3

Statement of Purpose: The American Jewish Archives; 31/2&3


Fascinating Jewish Holdings in the Western History Collections, University of Oklahoma; Carlton L. Bonilla and John R. Lovett; 30/1

It’s a Long Way from Okmulgee, 1912; William M. Kramer; 42/2&3

Levites of Apache, Oklahoma; 24/4

“Oklahoma City”; Amy Hill Shevitz; 27/2

Oklahoma, Okay! Founding of Congregation B’nai Israel, 1903; William M. Kramer; 42/2&3

Sholom Aleichem Oil Field; David Geffen; 25/4

Temple B’nai Israel: The First Permanent Jewish House of Worship in Oklahoma; Jerry Klinger; 49/4


Council of Jewish Women in Portland, 1905; Blanche Blumauer; 9/1

The History of Congregation Ahavath Achim of Portland; compiled by William M. Kramer; 29/1

The Jacksonville, Oregon Jewish Cemetery: A Picture Story; 23/2

JCCO, The Jewish Community of Central Oregon: Jewish History in the Making; Deborah Seldner; 30/2

“Jews in the News” in Oregon, 1858–1897; 49/1

The Jews of Eugene, Oregon; Robert Levinson; 30/1

The New Odessa Colony of Oregon, 1882–1886; Helen E. Blumenthal; 14/4

News from the Portland Jewish Community in 1885; 9/3

Oregon’s Other “Jewish Town”; David A. Bernstein; 19/2

Portland Jewry Collects for Russian Refugees; 10/4

Remembering Oregon’s New Odessa Colony; Jerry Klinger; 50/2

Some of the Prominent Jews of Oregon, 1898; Jacob Voorsanger; 21/3

Word from Portland a Century Ago; 11/3

South Dakota

The Colmans and Others of Deadwood, South Dakota; Al Alschuler; 9/4

Deadwood, South Dakota and the Jews; Jerry Klinger; 45/4

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