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San Francisco Bay Area N – Z

Oakland Jewry and the Earthquake-Fire of 1906; 9/3

Other San Francisco Reactions to Stow’s Remarks; Albert Shumate; 7/4

Out the Road: The San Bruno Avenue Jewish Community of San Francisco, 1901–1968; Steven Leibo; 11/2

Picture Story Number Seventeen: First Hebrew Primer in West; 7/3

Pioneer French Jews in California; 41/1

Pioneer Jewish San Francisco Stock Brokers; Edgar M. Kahn; 1/2

Pioneer Lawyer of California and Texas; William M. Kramer; 15/1

Pioneer San Francisco Leader of Sephardic Origin; Norton B. Stern; 20/2

Preface (Pioneer Jews of San Francisco, Part Two, M-Z); Karen S. Wilson; 42/2

Pro-Semitic Estimate of San Francisco Jewry, 1879; 21/1

A Protest Against Sectarian Texts in California Schools in 1875; Joseph R. Brandon; 20/3

The Reign of the Vigilance Committees in San Francisco, 1851–1856; R. M. Devens; 48/1

The Relief Work in San Francisco; Jacob Voorsanger; 8/3, 27/3

Religious Equality in California, 1862; George Fisher; 20/1

Saga of the First Fifty Years of Congregation Emanu-El, San Francisco; Edgar M. Kahn; 3/3

The Salem Cemetery of Congregation Beth Israel, San Francisco, California; Norton B. Stern; 41/2

A San Franciscan’s Vacation Trip in 1878; Anonymous; 6/2

San Francisco Federation Seeks Funds for 1989 Bay Area Quake Relief; Peggy Isaak Gluck; 27/3

San Francisco JCC Offers Hot Meals and Support to 1989 Quake Victims; Matt Elkins; 27/3

The San Francisco Jewish Community in 1955; Monty Jacobs; 24/1

San Francisco Jewry and the Russian Visa Controversy of 1911; Gerald S. Henig; 18/1

San Francisco Synagogue Scandal in 1893; Norton B. Stern; 6/3

San Francisco’s Congregation Emanu-El, Congregation Shearith Israel, and the Jewish Family Celebrates Their 150 the Anniversaries, 1999; Dan Lattin; 32/2&3

San Francisco’s Emanu-El Residence Club: A Memoir of 1925; Reva Clar; 14/4

San Francisco’s Jewish Beginnings; Jacob Voorsanger; 50/1

San Francisco’s Rodin Collection: The Jewish Connection; Bernice Scharlach; 19/1

San Jose and San Francisco in the Earthquake-Fire of 1906; Mark M. Cohn; 15/3

A Search for the First Synagogue; Norton B. Stern and William M. Kramer; 7/1

Sephardic Leadership in Early California Jewish Life; Norton B. Stern and William M. Kramer; 17/3

Sherith Israel Synagogue, San Francisco, California; Norton B. Stern; 41/2

Sherith Israel’s First Confirmation, San Francisco, California, June 12, 1872; Norton B. Stern; 41/2

Sherith Israel’s Second Synagogue, San Francisco, California; Norton B. Stern; 41/2

Society of German Physicians, San Francisco, California, 1869–1906; Norton B. Stern; 41/2

Some Political and Cultural Pressures on the Jewish Image in Civil War San Francisco; Robert J. Chandler; 20/2

The Status of Jewish Organizations in San Francisco 100 Years Ago; Martin Meyer; 9/1

The Sutter Street Temple “Emanu-El,” San Francisco, California, 1866–1920s; Norton B. Stern; 41/2

That Lurking Prejudice; Robert J. Chandler; 27/4

To Be or Not to Be a Jewish Hospital?; Barbara Rogers; 10/3

Tobacco Merchants of Early San Francisco, California; Norton B. Stern; 41/2

A Trio of Vignettes from the Great Disaster of 1906; 10/3

A View of Jewish Social Welfare in San Francisco in 1895; 18/3

The Wedding Was Off!, 1883; William Kramer; 42/2&3

Women in the Weekly Gleaner, Part I; Reva Clar; 17/4

Women in the Weekly Gleaner, Part II; Reva Clar; 18/1

YMHA and the YWHA in San Francisco; Ruth Kelson Rafael; 19/3

YMHA and YWHA, San Francisco History, 1877–1954; Louis H. Blumenthal; 36/4

Yom Kippur Failings: San Francisco and New York; 12/1

Yom Kippur in the Temple Emanu-El; S. Homer Henley; 4/1

Yom Kippur, San Francisco, 1858; 18/1

Young Men’s Hebrew Association Organizes in San Francisco, California, 1877; Norton B. Stern; 41/2

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