Nebraska Exhibition Hall

Nebraska Exhibition Hall

Nebraska was designated as a “Territory” in 1854 with the Kansas-Nebraska Act.

William Krause was probably the first Jewish settler in the territory, arriving with one of the earliest groups of pioneers who settled in Raccoon Forks, which was later renamed Des Moines.

Nebraska Territorial Centennial Stamp
Nebraska Territorial Centennial Stamp

Temple Israel: Nebraska’s First Synagogue – The Early Years

Congregation B’nai Jeshurun: The South Street Temple of Lincoln, Nebraska

Meyer Hellman & Aaron Cahn: First Permanent Jewish Residents of Omaha

Leopold May: First Jewish Pioneer of Omaha, Nebraska

The Pioneer Meyer Brothers of Omaha, Nebraska

Edward & Andrew Rosewater: Jewish Pioneers of Omaha, Nebraska

Noteworthy Jewish Pioneers of Omaha, Nebraska

Moses D. Pass: Pioneer Jewish Physician and Drugstore Owner of Nebraska