New Mexico Exhibition Hall

New Mexico Exhibition Hall

King Philip of Spain appointed a “Converso” by the name of Carvajal to govern the Territory of New Mexico in 1569.

Bernardo Lopez, another “Converso,” was made Governor of New Mexico in 1659.

Louis Gold arrived from Poland in 1837. S.J. Spiegelberg arrived in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 1846.

Santa Fe Parade

Santa Fe Parade 

Solomon Bibo: Jewish Chief of the Acoma Indian Tribe of New Mexico

Charles Clever: New Mexico Business and Legal Pioneer

Congregation Albert: The Oldest Continuing Jewish Organization in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Congregation Montefiore: The First Synagogue in the New Mexico Territory

The Danoff Brothers: Louis, Samuel & Simon: Jewish Pioneers of Gallup, New Mexico

Sol Floersheim: New Mexico Jewish Pioneer

Columbus Moise: Chief Justice of the Territorial Supreme Court of New Mexico, 1880

Emanuel Rosenwald: Jewish Pioneer Businessman & Honored Citizen, Las Vegas, New Mexico

Spiegelberg Brothers: Successful Jewish Merchant Pioneers of Santa Fe, New Mexico

Flora Langermann Spiegelberg: Grand Pioneer Woman of Santa Fe, New Mexico

Eugene Stern: Jewish Merchant, Farmer and Philanthropist of Las Cruces, New Mexico