Welcome to the Submissions Page of the Jewish Museum of the American West.

Our visitors can help create exhibits for Western Jewish Pioneers, Western Jewish Organizations and Western Synagogues.

There is no charge to submit and have an exhibit site on The Jewish Museum of the American West.*

* This will remain our policy as long as donations allow us to run the museum.

Submissions Criteria

Jewish Pioneers, Organizations, and Synagogues must be located West of the Mississippi River (Wisconsin, Minnesota, Alaska, and Hawaii are included). Canada includes: British Columbia, Yukon Territory, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Mexico includes: Baja, Sonora, Chihuahua and Coahuila.

Jewish Pioneers must have reached the “active” part of their career in the West by the 1890s[Click here for Jewish Pioneers Submission Form.]

Jewish Community Organizations and Fraternal Organizations must have begun at that location before 1919. (100 years old) [Click here for Jewish Community Organization Submission Form]

Synagogues must have been founded before 1969. (50 years old) [Click here for Synagogue Submission Form]


Along with submissions we will need: Your name, email address, and phone #

We recommend that you look at other exhibits in our museum to see what to include.

Copy the basic information requests from the Submission Form and paste them into a word document. Add a number of spaces between each item requested and fill in the information.

Email the page(s) to us at:

For questions, advice, etc. call us at (562) 405-4176  (Pacific Time)

We are always available for help.