Abraham H. Emanuel, Pioneer Jewish Mayor of Tombstone, Arizona

Abraham H. Emanuel

Mayor Abraham H. Emanuel of Tombstone, AZ, #WS1254

Mayor Abraham H. Emanuel of Tombstone, AZ,


Values Codes I-E-L


Abraham H. Emanuel was born in Philadelphia


Abraham H. Emanuel came west via San Francisco and Virginia City.

He learned the financial aspects of mining business: commissions and milling.

For a while Abraham H. Emanuel was the foreman of two mines.


Abraham H. Emanuel arrived in Tombstone, Arizona in 1880.



Abraham H. Emanuel supported himself in mining and Livery companies. 

He hauled ore for many mining companies with his stable of 210 mules.

Later he managed mines again and owned a number of claims.



Abraham H. Emanuel was elected Mayor of Tombstone and served for three terms.

In 1892 Abraham H. Emanuel was appoineted Rail Road Commissioner

In 1897 he was appointed District Court & US Court Commissioner.



Abraham H. Emanuel was an active member of the Odd Fellows and Knights of Pythias.



Abraham H. Emanuel never married.


Abraham H. Emanuel passed away in 1915, in Los Angeles


Tombstone, AZ in the 1880's, #WS1221

Tombstone, AZ in the 1880’s,



Regina Merwin is the Curator for this Abraham H. Emanuel Exhibit.