Isaac F. Bloch, Pioneer Jewish Merchant and Quality Leather Manufacturer of San Francisco

Isaac F. Bloch

Isaac F. Bloch of San Francisco

Isaac F. Bloch of San Francisco

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Isaac F. Bloch was born in Floss, Bavaria, Germany in 1822.


Along the way

Isaac Bloch came to the United States as a young man and first settled in Alabama where he clerked and merchandised until the early 1850s.

Then he moved to San Francisco.


San Francisco

There he formed a partnership with Aaron and Leopold Cahn and opened stores in Portland and The Dallas, Oregon and Walla Walla, Washington.

In 1886, the firm desolved and Isaac Bloch established a tannery in San Francisco specializing in the manufacture of high-grade leathers under the name of Bloch & Davidson.


19th Century Tannery

19th Century Tannery


Isaac Bloch was one of the founding members of Temple Emanu-El, serving as Vice-President, Director, and Chairman of the Building Committee.

Bloch was on the first Board of Directors of the Pacific Orphan Asylum.

He also belonged to the Eureka Benevolent Society.



Isaac Bloch was a long-time member of the Masonic Order.



Isaac Bloch married Celine Cahn.

Their children were Henry M., A. L. Arthur, Dr. Herbert I., Sarah, Estelle and Louis.


Isaac Bloch died in 1883.

“He was a great student of English, German, and Hebrew, and though a practical businessman, he devoted his leisure hours to charitable and religious work.”  –Rabbi Martin Meyer, 1916.


The Jews of San Francisco, by Martin A. Meyer, Ph.D., Emanu-El, San Francisco, June 1916

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