Judah P. Davies: Early Pioneer Jewish Auctioneer of Victoria, BC

Judah P. Davies

Judah P. Davies of Victoria, BC, #WS0330.

Judah P. Davies of Victoria, BC,

Values Codes: I – E – L – P


Judah P. Davies was born 1822, educated in London, England, immigrated to Australia in 1840.


Along the way . . . .

Judah P. Davies and his family left, in 1849, for the California gold rush.

Businessman, Judah P. Davies was active in synagogue and community organizations in California


Victoria, Canada

In 1863, the J. P. Davies arrived in Victoria.

In Victoria, J. P. Davies became a successful businessman and auctioneer.

J. P. Davies Auctioneers, #WS0372

J. P. Davies Auctioneers,  #WS0372


J. P. Davies was active in the building of  Temple Emanu-El in 1863.



J. P. Davies was a member of the Masons, Victoria Lodge #1085 GRE, which became Victoria-Columbia Lodge #1.

He was also the founder of the Victoria chapter of the International Order of Odd Fellows.



Judah P. Davies married Miriam Harris, who was born in 1819, in London, England.

They were married in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, in 1843.

Three children, Elizabeth, Joshua and Cecelia, were born in Sidney.

Three more sons, Henry, David and Phillip were born in the USA.


Judah P. Davies passed away suddenly in 1879.


Joshua Davies

Joshua Davies, son of Judah and Miriam Davies, was born in 1846, in Sydney, Australia.

Joshua Davies was educated in accounting in San Francisco before coming to Victoria in 1863.

He was made a partner in the family firm, J. P. Davies & Co. Auctioneers, in 1867.


Joshua Davies was reputed to have:

“held the longest catalogues and largest monetary sales of merchandise ever made in the province.”

Joshua Davies was an entrepreneur who also invested in mining and lumber companies, and in real estate.



Joshua Davies was a Director and then President of the Royal Jubilee Hospital when it was built.


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