Fred Fleishman, Jewish Pioneer Druggist of Tucson, Arizona

Fred Fleishman

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Fred Fleishman was born in Arcata, California, north of Eureka, in 1857.

His parents were from Bavaria and had a mercantile business Arcata.


Fred Fleishman graduated from Los Angeles High School in 1873 and then studied Pharmacy, possible at St. Vincent Hospital also in Los Angeles.


After a three year apprenticeship Fred Fleishman traveled to Tucson, Arizona Territory, where he arrived in 1881.


Tucson, Arizona Territory

In Tucson, Fred Fleishman rapidly became a very successful druggest

Fleishman's Tucson Drug Store, 1890's, #WS1266

Fleishman’s Tucson Drug Store, 1890’s,

In 1900, the 2-story Fleishman Building went up at site of his previous business.

Fred Fleishman & Co., Druggists was there until 1935 . The building no longer stands.

“A Handsome Arizona Pharmacy: The photograph from which this engraving was made was unfortunately not very good; but the pharmacy depicted is certainly one of uncommon beauty and simplicity of design.

“It is situated in Tucson, Arizona and is owned by Mr. Fred Fleisher. 

“In the rear is a laboratory which is nearly as large as the sales room shown in the illustration. 

“As everybody knows, Tucson is a great health resort; hundreds of invalids are visiting the place constantly; and it is quite likely that Mr. Fleishman and his Tucson confreres in pharmacy all do an excellent business.” 

–Bulletin of Pharmacy, Volume 17 January to December 1903



Fred Fleishman was Vice-President of the Arizona National Bank and on its Board of Directors

Fred Fleishman was Chairman of the Loan Committee of the Citizens Building Association.

Fred Fleishman was one of the organizers and a board member of Tucson’s Electric Light & Power Company.

Fred Fleishman was a member of the Board of Trade.

Fred Fleishman was the first President of the Territory Board of Pharmacists.

Tucson Downtown turn of the century, vintage postcard



Fred Fleishman belonged to the Knights of Pythias and the Elks.

Fred Fleishman was a Mason and a stockholder in the Masonic Hall Association.

Fred Fleishman belonged to the Ancient Order of United Workmen and was a stockholder in their Hall Association.




Fred Fleishman married Carlotta Meyer of Tucson, in 1882.

He had worked in Charles Meyer’s La Botica’ Pharmacy on E. Congress Street when he first arrived in Tucson.

Charles Meyer gave the business to Fred Fleishman as a wedding gift.

Fred and Carlotta had one son, Herman


Fred Fleishman passed away in 1924 – a solid citizen of Tucson.



More information can be found in the following issue of Western States Jewish History:

  • Western States Jewish History; July 1989, Vol. 21 Issue 4, p350, from  the 1901 issue of “Portrait and Biographical Record of Arizona.”

Also See: Lyons Bettina O’neil, Zeckendorfs and Steinfelds, Merchant Princes of the American Southwest, Arizona Historical Society 2008, available at the Tucson Jewish Museum.

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