Adolph Gartenlaub, Jewish Pioneer “Dean of Raisin Row” in Fresno, California

Adolph Gartenlaub

Adolph Gartenlaub of Fresno

Adolph Gartenlaub of Fresno

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Adolph Gartenlaub was born in Kolomea, Austria in 1854.


Along the way

When just a lad of 13, Adolph Gartenlaub organized 200 men and women to work with him on a harvesting expedition in Roumania.

At 17 years of age, Adolph Gartenlaub went to Constantinople, Turkey and engaged in a merchandising business.

In 1876 he arrived in Phildelphia where he also had a merchandising business.

His next merchandising adventure took him to Sydney, Australia for several years.

Adolph Gartenlaub came and merchandised in Boston in 1882.

Retiring from merchandising in 1886, Adolph Gartenlaub went to San Antonio, Texas and invested his money in cattle.


Fresno, California

Getting restless, Adolph Gartenlaub moved to Fresno, California where he purchased a ranch and made a huge success with cattle, orchard crops, and vineyards.

In 1895, Adolph Gartenlaub organized the Phoenix Packing Company in Fresno.



He was also President for many years of the Pacific Seeded Raisin Company.

In 1904, he formed the United States Consolidated Seeded Raisin Company.

“One proof of his popularity was that he was loved by his competitors.” –Rabbi Martin Meyer, 1916.

Adolph Gartenlaub was regarded as the “Dean of Raisin Row.”

Fresno Raisin Party, Vintage Postcard

Fresno Raisin Party, Vintage Postcard

In 1900, Adolph Gartenlaub moved his family to San Francisco.

It should be noted that he was also a master of seven languages.



The Gartenlaub’s were actively involved with the Infant Shelter in San Francisco where Alice Gartenlaub was Recording Sectretary.



Adolph Gartenlaub married Miss Alice Gertrude Belcher during his time in Boston, in 1884.


Adolph Gartenlaub died in 1914.


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