Hyman Goldberg, Arizona Territory’s Indefatigable Early Jewish Pioneer

Hyman Goldberg

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Hyman Goldberg was born in 1815 in Piotrkow (Petrikov) Russian Poland

Hyman Goldberg also lived in Germany and England


Along the way . . .

Hyman Goldberg arrived in the United States around 1843, probably in New York.

There, Hyman Goldberg apprenticed to a merchant tailor.

Hyman Goldberg later sailed to New Orleans, traveled by foot across Mexico and up to San Francisco where his arrived in 1849.

He then spent a number of years prospecting in the Gold Country east of San Francisco, making and losing fortunes when his store(s) burned – a common problem in wooden towns.

In time Hyman Goldberg came to Los Angeles and then San Bernardino where he worked in the dry goods business for many years.


Arizona Territory

In 1863 joined brother, Isaac Goldberg, who had a store in La Paz Arizona..

He worked in various boom towns in Arizona as a merchandiser.

During 1868  Hyman Goldberg worked as a drover leading cattle to Tucson.

Then he spent time as a placer miner, swinging a pickaxe.

He rode burro, stood behind a counter – anything to “make a living.”


Hyman Goldberg fortunes rose and fell with boom towns and busts.

He had a store in Phoenix.

He speculated in mining.



Hyman Goldberg served on the Yuma Town Council, 1873-1874

In 1874 he was elected to the lower house of the Eighth Arizona Territorial Legislature representing Yuma



Hyman Goldberg was a member of the Odd Fellows, the Masons, and the Legion of Honor.

He was an active member in B’nai B’rith,  Paradise Lodge #237, San Bernardino.



In 1852, Hyman Goldberg married Augusta Drachman, the sister of Phillip and Samuel Drachman.



Hyman and Augusta Golberg had four children: Aren, David (who married Rosa A. Solomon, of Solomonwille, Az, Amelie, (Mrs. Louis Migel) and Beckie (Mrs. Hugo Zeckendorf).


Hyman Goldberg passed away in 1889.

The Goldberg Tombstone in San Bernardino, CA #WS7881

The Goldberg Tombstone in San Bernardino, CA

He was buried in the Home of Eternity Cemetery in San Bernardino, California


“Few men survive the ups and downs of life in new, wild countries, to Hyman Goldman’s age.

“Not many leave a character so spotless, beloved and respected wherever known.”

Obituary, Phoenix Weekly Harold, 1889 


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