Samuel Jacks & Morris Jacks: Cousin Jewish Pioneers of St. Louis, Missouri

Samuel Jacks & Morris Jacks

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Samuel Jacks was born in Wreschen, near Posen, Prussia.


St. Louis

In 1834, Samuel Jacks journeyed to St. Louis, Missouri.

Samuel Jacks  worked in the mercantile business.

Around 1843, Samuel Jacks was naturalized as an American citizen.

Later, he moved to Wichita, Kansas.



Samuel Jacks helped found the Mount Olive Cemetery in St. Louis.


In 1888, Samuel Jacks died in Kansas.

He was buried in St. Louis, in the Mount Olive Cemetery.

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Morris Jacks

Values Codes: I-E-L


Morris Jacks was born in Graetz, Prussia, in 1831.


St. Louis

In the 1840s, Morris Jacks came to America, joining his cousin, Samuel Jacks, in St. Louis, Missouri.

In 1849, Morris Jacks caught “gold fever” and traveled to California.

He returned to St. Louis, where he built a successful clothing business.

In 1874, Morris Jacks left the clothing business.



In 1874, Morris Jacks became the Mortuary Clerk at City Hall, in St. Louis.

Morris Jacks was a volunteer firefighter with Missouri Co. #11.

Jacks was appointed to the Sanitary Department of the Board of Health, in 1895.



Morris Jacks married Traphenia Levi, daughter of Solomon and Matilda  Levi, in 1866.


Morris Jacks died in 1904, on Yom Kippur.

He is buried in the Mount Sinai Cemetery in St. Louis.



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