Joseph Bartlett Choynski: Foremost Jewish Boxer of San Francisco & Light-Heavyweight Champion


Joseph Bartlett Choynski

Joe Choynski the Boxer

Joe Choynski the Boxer

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Joseph Bartlett Choynski was born in San Francisco, California in 1868.

Joe Choynski was born to Isidor Nathan Choynski and Harriet Ashim.

He had five siblings: Herbert, Miriam, Maurice and Edwin.



Joseph (“Joe”) Choynski worked first as a blacksmith and a candymaker, in San Francisco.

Joe Choynski became an amateur boxer around 1884, and turned professional in 1888, eventually entering the Boxing Hall of Fame.

Joe Choynski was the first world Light-Heavyweight Champion.

He defended his title twice – a 3rd round knockout of Austrian Jim Hall in September 1899, and a 7th round kayo of “Australian” Jimmy Ryan in October, 1899.

Joe Choynski lost recognition as champion when he was robbed of a knockout win over “Kid” McCoy in January 1900, being declared a knockout loser after 3 rounds.


Joe Choynski fought heavyweights such as “Gentleman” Jim Corbett and “Sailor” Tom Sharkey, although he never exceeded 170 lbs.

Joe Choynski retired from active prizefighting in 1904.

“Joe, known for his punching prowess as well as his cunning and dexterity, did not rise from a vacuum. While noted for being cerebral and gentlemanly outside the boxing ring, he was nicknamed “The California Terror” for his exploits inside of it.  Christopher J. LaForce


Joe Choynski worked for a short time as a salesman for an insurance company, the Western Felt Company and a cigar producer.

In 1920, he became a chiropractor, though it eventually turned into only a part-time occupation.


Joe Choynski was also a boxing trainer and referee, as well, employed by several athletic associations over the years.



Joseph Choynski was an active member of The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks.



Joseph Choynski married Louise Anderson Miller, an actress, in 1895, in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Joseph Bartlett Choynski passed away on January 25, 1943 in Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, Ohio.


More information can be found in the following issue of Western States Jewish History:

  • Joe Choynski’s Combative Clan, by Christopher J. LaForce, WSJH Vol.46, #1

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