The Kinderman Family: San Bernardino Jewish Pioneers

The Kinderman Family

Elias Kinderman was born in 1836, in Prussia occupied Poland.

Josephine Anchker was born in Koenigsberg in 1843.

They were married in 1864.


San Bernardino

Elias and Josephine Kinderman arrived in San Bernardino from Mehlsack, Prussian-occupied Poland in 1878.


The lived next door to Josephine’s brother, Louis Ancker and his family.

Elias Kinderman was a peddler and also worked with his wife at their fruit store on Third Street.



The Kinderman were members of Congregation Emanu El.



Elias Kinderman was an active member of Paradise Lodge #236 of B’nai B’rith.

Both Elias and Josephine Kinderman were members of the San Bernardino Pioneer Society.


Bertha Kinderman was their first child to marry. She married Marcus Levy, a tailor about 1889.

In 1922, Bertha Kinderman Levy, her husband Marcus Levy, and their mother, Josephine Kinderman moved to San Francisco.

Solly & Rose Kinderman Wedding Picture, 1902, WS#1599

Solly & Rose Kinderman Wedding Picture, 1902,


Solly (Solomon) Kinderman married Rose Rosenbloom in 1902.


Solly Kinderman, Rose Kinderman & Harry Rosenbloom at LA Secondhand Store WS#2406

Solly Kinderman, Rose Kinderman & Harry Rosenbloom at L.A. Secondhand Store


Solly and Rose moved to Los Angeles and opened a wholesale clothing and secondhand store.


Unfortunately, Solly Kinderman was murdered in his store in 1918.

His mother, Josephine, was seriously ill at the time.

The San Bernardino Sun warned its readers that she “is not to be told of the death of her son until she is better.”


Rose Kinderman married Edward R. Kaplan in 1920, and continued to run the secondhand store.


Elias Kinderman died in 1919.

Although there had been Kindermans in San Bernardino for 44 years, now there are none.


More information can be found in the following issue of Western States Jewish History:

  • Kinderman Family; Kinderman Family of San Bernardino and Los Angeles; Los Angeles; Fogelson, George J.; 22/3

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