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Alaskan Memoir; Sol Shirpser; 10/1

Alaskan Report – 1909; Sol Ripinsky 11/1

Alice B. Toklas’ Family: A Merchandising Empire in Puget Sound, Washington, Juneau and Skagway, Alaska; Debbie Freedman and Victoria Fisch; 45/1

From Fur Rush to Gold Rushes; Rudolf Glantz; 7/2

Jewish Immigration and Alaskan Economic Development: A Study in Futility; Claus M. Naske; 8/3

Jews of Alaska, 1869-1961; Jessie S. Bloom; 31/2

Last Frontier: Jewish Pioneers in Alaska, Part 1; Matthew J. Eisenberg; 24/1

Last Frontier: Jewish Pioneers in Alaska, Part 2; Matthew J. Eisenberg; 24/2

Last Frontier: Jewish Pioneers in Alaska, Part 3; Matthew J. Eisenberg; 24/3

Memoirs of an Alaskan Merchant; Yael Rozenstain; 9/3

Notes on Sol Ripinsky of Alaska, 1905; 8/4



Appointment of Herman Bendell as Superintendent of Indian Affairs of Arizona Territory; Monty Jacobs; 24/2

Arizona Pioneer: Teamster, Miner, and Mayor of Tombstone; 21/4

Arizona Rabbi Who Came from Notre Dame; Albert Plotkin; 27/2

Arizona Visit to Phoenix, Miami and Tucson, 1919; Barnett, E. Marks; 15/3

Arizona’s Jewish Farmers and Ranchers: Traveling Exhibition; Beryl Morton; 28/1

Arizona’s Mining Wizard: Black Jack Newman; Norton B. Stern and William M. Kramer; 11/3

Bar Mitzvah Message from Prescott, Arizona in 1879; Bert M. Fireman; 12/4

Benson, Arizona Merchant, 1901; 23/1

Brenda Weisberg Meckler; Beryl S. Morton; 26/1

Cornerstone Laying of the First Synagogue in Arizona; Nat Herzberg; 19/3

Druggist of Tucson: A 1901 View of Fred Fleishman; Fred Fleishman; 21/4

Earp, Wyatt, and Josie Marcus: Fact, Fiction and Myth; Brian Dervin Dillon and David Erin Dillon; 48/1

Emil Marks: Eyewitness to History, A Picture Story; 24/4

First Jewish Girl Born, Educated and Married in Tucson: A Picture Story; 12/2

First Jewish Wedding in the Territory of Arizona; 20/2

From New York to Tucson in 1868; Rosa K. Drachman; 22/1

Frontiersmen in Broadcloth: Jews in Early Phoenix, 1870-1920; Blaine P. Lamb; 25/1

Herman Bendell: Superintendent of Indian Affairs, Arizona Territory, 1871-1873; Norton B. Stern; 8/2

Herman Bendell: The Jewish Chief of the Indians of Arizona, 1871-1873; Abraham S. Chanin; 31/4

Isaacson, Jack; How Jack Isaacson Founded a City: A Thrilling Tale of the Building of Our Country; Marian Sakler Lamont, 45/2

Isadore and Anna Solomon of Arizona: A Picture Story; Elizabeth Lantin Ramenofsky; 17/2

Jacobs Brothers, Arizona Bankers, 1890; 19/1

Los Angeles-Born Druggist in Tucson, 1890; 19/1

Lukin Family, Including Relationships with the Hertzbergs: Pioneers of Tempe, Arizona; Edward Herzberg; 31/1

Mayor Strauss of Tucson; Norton B. Stern; 12/4

Notes on the Early Jews of Arizona; Rudolf Glantz; 5/4

Old Jewish Cemetery Restored in Douglas, Arizona; 26/3

On the Arizona-Sonora Frontier in 1890; 11/4

Philip and Samuel H. Drachman and the Goldberg Brothers: Arizona Pioneers; Floyd S. Fierman; 31/2

Picture Story #7: Early Arizona Lady Physician; 5/1

Recollections of Arizona, 1876-1891; 15/1

Reminiscences of Abraham Franklin of Tucson; 24/4

Reminiscences of an Arizona Pioneer; Isaac Goldberg; 2/3

Samuel Drachman: Arizona Pioneer; 20/1

Southwest Pioneers, Louis Zeckendorf and His Brothers; 22/1

Superintendent of Indian Affairs, Arizona Territory, Annual Report, 1871; Herman Bendell; 22/3

Superintendent of Indian Affairs, Arizona Territory, Annual Report, 1872; Herman Bendell; 22/4

Tombstone, Arizona Jewish Saga; Norton B. Stern; 19/3

Who was Isaacson, Arizona Named For?; Norton B. Stern and William M. Kramer; 19/2

William Zeckendorf: A New Mexico and Arizona Pioneer; 11/4

Wolf Sachs; 31/1



First Jewish Federal Judge; 14/1

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