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Los Angeles Area, N – Z

Includes Santa Monica, Long Beach and Surrounding Cities)

 Name of Los Angeles’ First Jewish Newspaper; Stern, Norton B.; 7/2

The Neighborhood Music Settlement and Boyle Heights; Jonathan L. Friedmann; 43/3-4

New Club for Los Angeles; Stern, Norton B.; 10/4

New Jewish Cemetery in East Los Angeles, 1902: A Picture Story; 11/1

Newmark, Myer Joseph; Stern, Norton B.; 2/3

Nineteenth Century Conversion in Los Angeles; Stern, Norton B.; 16/4

Norton B. Stern Memorial Statements; 24/4

Norton B. Stern, Pioneer Western Jewish Historian and Founding Editor of the First Western Jewish Historical Quarterly; Rochlin, Harriet; 30/3

Of Temple Street and Boyle Heights; Dr. William M. Kramer; 42/2-3

Old Jewish Cemetery in Chavez Ravine, Los Angeles: A Picture Story; 9/2

Organized Jewish Life Begins in Pasadena; 20/1

The Orgins of Los Angeles’ Oldest Orthodox Shul, Part I; Dr. William M. Kramer; 42/2-3

The Orgins of Los Angeles’ Oldest Orthodox Shul, Part II; Dr. William M. Kramer; 42/2-3

Orthodox View of Los Angeles Jewry, 1954; Swift, Rabbi Moshe; 24/3

Our Temple of Healing: 1962: A Sephardic Messenger Account; Cohen, Aron; 28/4

Pasadena: The Jewish Community During WWII; Michael Several; 42/1

Pasadena; Jewish Old Town, Pasadena, a Walking Tour, 1920-1940; Michael Several, 45/4

Picture Story #2: The Stern and Goodman Store, Fullerton, 1890; 3/4

Picture Story #3: Jeannette Lazard and Her Los Angeles School, 1885; Lazard, Jeannette; 4/1

Picture Story #5: Ark, Curtain and Chuppah in the Southland’s First Synagogue; 4/3

Picture Story #6: The Bar Mitzvah of a Rabbi’s Son, Los Angeles, 1882; 4/4

Picture Story #8: Map of the Alexandre Weill Tract of Los Angeles; 5/2

Picture Story #9: 5/3

Picture Story #10: Theodore Roosevelt and Meyer Lissner Photograph, Los Angeles, 1915; 5/4

Picture Story #11: Cohn-Goldwater Building; 6/1

Picture Story #12: Charlie Chaplin in Boyle Heights; 6/2

Picture Story #14: Los Angeles Confirmation Seventy Years Ago; 6/4

Picture Story #15: Hillcrest Golf Tournament Winners, 1923; 7/1

Picture Story #18: First Orthodox Synagogue in Los Angeles; 7/4

Potpourri of Los Angeles Groups: A Gallery Story; 5/2

Precedent for Ecumenism; Weber, Francis J; 19/2

Preparations for Passover: The Origin of Spring Cleaning?; Essrig, Rabbi I. David; 29/3

President’s Report, Federation of Jewish Charities, Los Angeles, 1917; Mosbacher, George; 11/1

Putting the Pieces Together: 1994 Earthquake; Hollander, Zvi B.; 27/3

Rabbi Edgar F. Magnin and the Modernization of Los Angeles Jewry, Part 1; Clar, Reva & Kramer, William M.; 19/3

Rabbi Edgar Magnin and the Modernizing of Los Angeles Jewry, Part 2; Clar, Reva & Kramer, William M.; 19/4

Rabbi Jacob Ott of Temple Tifereth Israel; Hattem, “Bob” I.; 28/4

Rabbi Max Nussbaum of Hollywood and the World; 25/2

Rabbi Sigmund Hecht: A Man Who Bridged the Centuries, Part 1; Clar, Reva & Kramer, William M.; 7/4

Rabbi Sigmund Hecht: A Man Who Bridged the Centuries, Part 2; Clar, Reva & Kramer, William M.; 8/1

Rabbi Sigmund Hecht: A Man Who Bridged the Centuries, Part 3; Clar, Reva & Kramer, William M.; 8/3

Rabbi William M. Kramer Speaks: “Of God and His Friends,” 1968; Kramer, William M.; 30/3

Rabbi William Mordechi Kramer-My Friend; Brin, Herb; 30/3

The Rambam Torah Institute of Los Angeles: A Research Note; Paul Soifer; 48/2.

“A Rather Wholesome Enviorment in which To Be Raised”; Boyle Heights; Don Hodes; 43/3-4

Reconstruction and Havurah; Margolis, Peter; 27/4

Reflections of an American Historian; Kramer, William M.; 27/4

Remembering Los Angeles Jewish Pioneers: Harris Newmark and Isaias W. Hellman; Stern, Norton B.; 29/4

Report to Los Angeles Jewry in 1870; Wartenberg, Henry; 21/3

Rhodesli Register of Los Angeles Pioneers and a Sourcebook for Rhodesli Scholarship; Hasson, Aron; 28/4

Richard Nixon, The President, The Library & the Jewish Connection; Tugend, Tom; 27/1

Roumanian Jews Begin Arriving in Los Angeles, 1902; 14/4

San Fernando Valley: Early Jewish “Pioneers”; Warren Miller, 45/4

San Fernando Valley Growth Recorded in the Past 13 Years [to 1950]; Sam Brand, 45/4

San Fernando Valley: Histories Submitted by Valley Jewish Organizations 1950; 45/4

San Francisco Report of the Confirmation of Los Angeles Congregation B’nai B’rith, June 10, 1870; 30/1

Save Old Sinai Temple!; Dr. William Kramer; 42/2-3

Sephardic Founders of the Los Angeles Jewish Community: Samuel K. & Joseph I Labatt; Stern, Norton B. & Kramer, William M.; 28/4

Sephardic Home for the Aged Elects Hasson to Presidency; 28/4

Sephardic Jews of Rhodes in Los Angeles; Hasson, Aron; 6/4

Sephardim of Los Angeles in 1930; Reynolds, Louis G.; 3/3

Sephardim of Los Angeles in 1930, A Press Account; Reynolds, Louis G.; 28/4

Sherman Oaks; From Sherman Oaks to Huntington Beach; Bill Shane, 44/3-4

“Shopping for Food Then Was Quite Different From What it is Today”; Boyle Heights; Lawrence Goldman; 43/3-4

Sigmund Frey: Los Angeles Jewry’s First Professional Social Worker; Axe, Ruth Frey; 8/4

Simi and Glendale; Camp Max Straus, Camp Kinder Ring, and Brandeis Camp Institute; Mid 1940s and 1950s; Phillip Landsberg, 45/2

Simi Vally: Brandeis Camp Institute, 1954; Myra Rosenthal Newman, 45/2

Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles; Kramer, William M.; 28/2

Sol Lesser and Upton Sinclair: The Record of a Friendship; Lesser, Stephen O.; 12/2

Solomon Lazard of Los Angeles; Landau, Francine; 5/3

Solomon Lazard’s American Citizenship; 16/1

Solomon Nunes Carvalho Helped in Founding the Los Angeles Jewish Community; Kramer, William M.; 28/4

Some of My Los Angeles Jewish Neighbors; Mesmer, Joseph; 7/3

Soriano, Raphael: From Rhodes to Los Angeles, the Development and Achievements of an Influential Sephardic Architect; Eugene Normand; 48/2.

Story of an Unusual Ordinary Man: Mendel Meyer of Los Angeles and Santa Monica; Stern, Norton B. & Kramer, William M.; 16/2

“Students Were Stunned At the Sudden Disappearance of Our Japanese Classmates”; Boyle Heights; Elizabeth Fine Ginsberg; 43/3-4

Study of Los Angeles Jewish History: An Analytical Consideration of a Major Work; Stern, Norton B. & Kramer, William M.; 3/1

Temple Tifereth Israel of Los Angeles; Samuels, Beth & Kramer, William M.; 28/4

Temple Tifereth Israel Dedicaton Program; 1932; 43/2

The Germains of Los Angeles; Ashby, Harriet; 2/4

This is the Way We Used to Live; Levi, John Newmark, Sr.; 4/2

Those Days in Los Angeles’ Boyle Heights, Part I; Dr. William M. Kramer; 42/2-3

Those Days in Los Angeles’ Boyle Heights, Part II; Dr. William M. Kramer; 42/2-3

Toward a Biography of Isaias W. Hellman: Pioneer Builder of California; Stern, Norton B.; 2/1

Tribute to Max Vorspan; Kramer, William M.; 26/4

Turn of the Century Days at Klauber Wangenheim Co., Los Angeles; 24/4

Two Letters from the Jewish Patriarch of Los Angeles; Newmark, Joseph; 11/3

Unexpected Help in 1898 for the Hebrew Benevolent Society of Los Angeles; Harris, Victor; 21/1

Variety Boys and Girls Clyb: My Memories; Boyle Heights; Judy Zdravje; 43/3-4

Visit of the Spanish Royal Couple to Sephardic Temple Tifereth Israel in Los Angeles; 28/4

“Wabash Playground Was the Center of the Universe”; Boyle Heights; Max Fine; 43/3-4

‘Walking Into the Market Was a Memorable Experience”; Boyle Heights; Marshall Robert Nathanson; 43/3-4

Waterman Report [Long Beach Earthquake of 1933]; Waterman, Evelyn; 27/3

“We Lived Economically And Rejoiced Simple Pleasures”; Boyle Heights; Arna Shafer Schultz; 43/3-4

When Einstein Fiddled in Pasadena: A Non-scientific View of His California Years, Part 1; Kramer, William M.; 25/2

When the Franco-Prussian War Came to Los Angeles; Stern, Norton B.; 10/1

When the Jewish Homes Really Began, 1910 Not 1912; Dr. William M. Kramer; 42/2-3

William M. Kramer; Kramer, William M.; 29/2

William M. Kramer, “My Lifetime of Careers,” 1994; Kramer, William M.; 30/3

Willie “Young Abe Attell” Clar; 22/2

Wolf Kalisher: Immigrant, Pioneer Merchant and Indian Advocate; Carrico, Richard L.; 15/2

Writings of a Founder of Zionism in Los Angeles; Fram, Harry; 9/3

Zionism in Los Angeles on Its Twenty-Fifth Anniversary, 1927; Riche, Aaron; 23/1

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