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San Diego

About Emanuel Brown; Elaine Morhar; 30/4

Abraham Klauber: A Pioneer Merchant, 1831-1911; Laurence M. Klauber; 2/2

Alice Ellen Klauber: San Diego Artist; Bruce Kamerling; 20/3

Bibliography of San Diego Jewish History; Stanley Schwartz; 26/1

Denouement in San Diego in 1888; Norton B. Stern; 11/1

First Temple Beth Israel: San Diego; Henry Schwartz; 11/2

Historic Temple Moved in San Diego; Henry Schwartz; 26/1

Historic Rededication in Old Town; 2010; Donald Harrison; 43/1

Isidor Louis: Shoemaker to Capitalist in San Diego; Florence Maio and Henry Schwartz; 17/4

Jews of San Diego State University, California; Lawrence Baron; 30/2

Levi Saga: Temecula, Julian, San Diego; Henry Schwartz; 6/3

Lewis Polock Didn’t Want to Go to San Diego; William M. Kramer; 26/1

Life at 30th and E, San Diego; Laurence, M. Klauber; 23/4

Mannasse Chico: Enlightened Merchant of San Diego; Audrey R. Karsh; 8/1

Mark I. Jacobs Family: A Discursive Overview; Richard L. and Arlene A. Golden; 13/2

Marx and Alex Lesem of San Diego: Father and Son in the Health Field; Henry Schwartz; 20/2

A Minyan of San Diego Pioneers; Donald H. Harrison, 45/1

Mothers and Daughters of Old San Diego; Audrey R. Karsh; 19/3

News from San Diego in 1906; A.H.K.; 7/3

No Place Like Home: Beth Israel; 1891; William M. Kramer; 42/2-3

Old Town, New Town, San Diego; Ida Nassatir; 27/2

Poetic San Diego; William Kramer; 42/2-3

Reminiscences of B’nai B’rith in San Diego; Hyman S. Wolf; 14/1

Research Notes on San Diego Area Jewish History; 1967; Norton B. Stern; 41/4

A San Diego First; William M. Kramer; 42/2-3

San Diego Jewry Seventy-two Years Ago; 10/2

San Diego Pioneering Ladies and Their Contributions to the Community; Audrey R. Karash; 31/1

San Diego Purim Ball in 1888; 7/1

San Diego’s Merchant’s Letter from Germany in 1873; Abraham Rothchild; 12/1

San Diego, California; Newspaper Clippings about Jewish Pioneers; 47/3-4

San Diego’s Unusual Rabbi: Samuel Freuder; Ronald D. Gerson; 26/1

San Diego, The Town and Its Jewry in 1890; 17/2

Schiller, Marcus: San Diego’s Jewish Horatio Alger; Jamer L. Allen;3/1, 48/3-4

Sig Steiner: Father of Escondido’s Grape Day; Frances B. Ryan; 8/4, 48/3-4

Silver Shirts: Anti-Semitism in San Diego, 1930-1940; Henry Schwartz; 25/1

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Southern California – General

A. Levy of the Bank; Norton B. Stern and William M. Kramer; 7/2

Alphonse Weill of Bakersfield; Irma Weill; 4/1

Anaheim’s First Jewish Law Enforcement Officer, 1977; 44/3-4

Anaheim’s First Jewish Postmaster, 1969; 44/3-4

Bad Day at San Bernardino; Norton B. Stern; 7/1

The Beginnings of Chabad in Orange County; David Eliezrie; 44/3-4

Boy Scout Troop 581 of Anaheim; Shmuel Fisher; 44/3-4

Charitable Jewish Ladies of San Bernardino and their Woman of Valor, Henrietta Ancker; Stern, Norton B.; 13/4

Daniel Cave: Southern California Pioneer Dentist, Civic Leader and Masonic Dignitary; William M. Kramer; 9/2

Early Jews of Riverside; Samuel Reznick; 12/2

Few San Bernardino Businessmen in 1892; 15/2

The First Synagogue in Orange County; Larry Goldberg, 44/3-4

Greenwoods of San Bernardino; Dorothy Neumann; 15/3

Henry Levy and Family and the Independence Hotel; 20/3

The Historic Cahen House, Anaheim, California, 44/3-4

House Committee Probes Nazi Activities on Coast at Los Angeles Hearings, 1934; Vigilante; 30/4

Huntington Beach; From Sherman Oaks to Huntington Beach; Bill Shane; 44/3-4

Isaac Harris Family of Independence, Inyo County, California; 19/1

Jacob Stern Family of Orange County and Hollywood; 15/4

Jewish Studies Institute of Anaheim; 44/3-4

Jewish New Year, 5650, in San Bernardino; Marcus Katz; 26/2

Kaspare Cohn: A Man Who Helped Make Southern California; Part 1; William M. Kramer; 23/3

Kaspare Cohn: A Man Who Helped Make Southern California; Part 2; William M. Kramer; 23/4

Kosher Wine for Pesach from Anaheim, 1863; 44/3-4

King of Temecula, Louis Wolf; Norton B. Stern; 22/2

Layman as Rabbinic Officiant in the Nineteenth Century; Norton B. Stern and William M. Kramer; 16/1

Letters from Jacob H. Shiff and David Wolffson to Barnard Schireson, El Centro, California, 1914; Jacob H. Schiff and David Wolffson 9/4

Long Beach California Jewry: Viewed in 1930 and 1968; Harvey B. Franklin; 23/2

Louis Joseph of Big Pine, California; Zetta Joseph; 19/3

Marks Lazard, Merchant at the San Gabriel Mission; 13/1

Memoirs of Marcus Katz: San Bernardino Pioneer; Marcus Katz; 1/1

Mission to San Bernardino in 1879; Norton B. Stern; 10/3

Murder to be Forgotten; Norton B. Stern; 9/2

My Four Decades in Orange County; Martin A. Brower; 44/3-4

Nasatir Family in Santa Ana, California, 1898-1915; Abraham P. Nasatir; 15/3

Ode to Albert Ancker of Tehachapi; George J. Fogelson; 17/4

Orange County; 1889 Orange County Map; 44/3-4

Orange County Federation Comes of Age; Special Supplement to the Orange County Jewish Heritage; 44/3-4

Orange County; Jews in the News; 44/3-4

Picture Story #1: The Cerf Levy Home, Santa Barbara, 1885; 3/3

Picture Story #4:Bertha Rose, Queen of Ventura Street Fair, 1900; 4/2

Pioneer Jews of Santa Barbara; Norton B. Stern and William M. Kramer; 22/4

Pioneer Jews of Ventura County: A Picture Story; 14/2

The Promised Land in California; 1904; William M. Kramer; 42/2-3

Proto-Zionism in Ventura; William M. Kramer; 42/2-3

Qualifications of Teachers: An 1880 Commentary; Marcus Katz; 15/4

Remarkable Harris Family of Southern California; Part 1; Hope Anker Gray; 26/1

Remarkable Harris Family of Southern California; Part 2 & 3; Hope Anker Gray; 26/2

Rudolf Anker: San Bernardino Pioneer; George J. Fogelson; 17/2

San Bernardino Centennial; Phyllis Newman; 7/4

San Bernardino Confirmand’s Report, 1891; Sadie Oppenheimer; 11/2

San Bernardino Hebrew and English Academy; Norton B. Stern and William M. Kramer; 8/3

Santa Ana, California: Its First Jews and Jewish Congregations; Norton B. Stern; 14/3

Santa Ana, California: Its First Jews and Fist Congregations; Norton B. Stern; 44/3-4

Santa Barbara Vignette of 1895; 6/1

Simon Goldbaum of San Luis Rey, California; Helen Goldbaum Baranov; 13/2

Southern California Engagement, 1887; 21/2

St. Louis Visitor Views Southern California in 1883; Abraham Newmark; 10/3

Sud-California Post: A Jewish Editor Views the News; T. L. Broadbent; 6/1

Tree Art in Western Jewish Cemeteries; William M. Kramer; 2/2

Two Orange County Pioneer Families: A Picture Story; 17/4

The Walt Disney and the Orange County I Knew; Marty Sklar, 44/3-4

Wayward Etchings: I. N. Choynski Visits Southern California, 1881; I. N. Choynski; 11/2

Wedding at Independence, California, 1876; 22/2

Wine Country Tycoon of Anaheim; Norton B. Stern and William M. Kramer; 9/3

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