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Alex Schwartz Looks Back at the Houston Jewish Community, Circa 1911; Rosenzweig, Arnold; 30/4

Alice B. Toklas’ Family: A Merchandising Empire in Puget Sound, Washington, Juneau and Skagway, Alaska; Debbie Freedman and Victoria Fisch. 45/1

Anna Hertzberg and the Tuesday Musical Club of San Antonio; Jonathan L. Friedmann, 45/3.

Calvert, Texas: Two Views, 1880; 14/2

Camp Karankawa & Echo Hill Ranch: Texas Hill Country, 1953-2012; Charles “Chuck” B. Hart, 45/2

Camp Tres Rios, Camp Young Judea & Echo Hill Ranch, 1951-Today; Jan Siegal Hart, 45/2

Central Texas Jewry in 1875; 13/4

Changing Jewish Community of Dallas, Texas, 1959; Goldberg, Irving L.; 31/2

Chicanos of Jewish Descent in Texas; Santos, Richard G.; 29/1

Chicanos of Jewish Descent in Texas; Santos, Richard G.;15/4

Dallas Jewry Engages Their First Rabbi; 8/2

Deep in the Heart of Pesach; Dr. William M. Kramer; 42/2-3

Duel or Murder? A Study in Texas Assimilation; Kallison, Frances Rosenthal; 27/4

Echo Hill Ranch, 1968-1969, 45/2

Echo Hill Ranch, Texas; Rabbi Jimmy Kessler, 45/2

Edgar Goldberg and Forty Years of the Texas Jewish Herald; Stone, Bryan Edward; 30/4

First Synagogue in Dallas, Texas, 1876; 10/2

Fort Worth, Texas; Grace & Gumption Cook Book, Let My People Eat; Hollace Ava Weiner, 44/2

Frances Rosenthal Kallison, Cowgirl with a Jewish Conscience; Hollace Ava Weiner; 48/1.

From Kempen, Poland to Hemstead, Texas: The Career of Rabbi Heinrich Schwartz; 19/2

Galveston Immigration Movement: A 1909 Report; Cohen, Rabbi Henry; 26/4

Galveston, Texas; Jewish Social Life in Galveston, Texas, 1978; Themis, 44/2

Galveston Movement: Its First Year; Cohen, Rabbi Henry; 18/2

In Search of the History of the Texas Patriot, Moses A. Levy, Part 1; Leeson, Daniel; 21/4

In Search of the History of the Texas Patriot, Moses A. Levy, Part 2; Leeson, Daniel; 22/1

Jacob de Cordova: A Jew Deep in the Heart of Texas; Preece, Harold; 29/2

Jacob H. Schiff’s Galveston Movement: An Experiment in Immigration Deflection, 1907-1914; Best, Gary Dean; 31/2

Jew Views Black Education: Texas, 1890; Levy, William; 8/4

Jewish Education in Dallas, 1879; 21/1

Jewish Story and Memories of Marshall, Texas; Kariel, Audrey Daniels; 14/3

Letter from a Texas Pioneer; Lasker, Morris; 15/4

Letter from Galveston, Texas, 1878; 7/1

Life with Mama and Papa: Estelle and Herman Meyer of Galveston; Marks, Marguerite Meyer; 17/3

Light in the Prairie: Temple Emanu-El of Dallas; Cristol, Gerry; 31/1

Louis Goldberg & Family: Pioneer Jews of Jefferson, Texas; Jeff Campbell 45/4.

Luling, Texas Jewish Cemetery: A Picture Story; Salinger, Gerhard; 23/4

Memories of Rabbi Henry Cohen As I Knew Him; Marks, Marguerite Meyer; 18/2

Neiman-Marcus: The Beginning; Hall, Linda;7/2

Pioneer Jews of Waco, Texas, Part 1; Podet, Mordechai; 21/3

Pioneer Jews of Waco, Texas, Part 2; Podet, Mordechai; 21/4

Priteca, Marcus Benamin of Seattle and Gustave Albert Lansburgh of San Francisco: Two Prominent West Coast Jewish Architects of the Easrly Twentieth Century; Eugene Normand; 46/4.

Rabbi Henry Cohen of Galveston, a 1931 Account; Albert, David B.; 26/4

Religious Activities at the Border, 1916; 26/3

Religious Life in Dallas a Century Ago; 20/2

Remembering Edgar Goldberg: A Tribute; Horowitz, Rabbi Henry Jacob; 30/4

San Antonio; Temple in the Sun: The Diamond Jubilee of Temple Beth-El San Antonio, Texas, 1949; William M. Kramer, 45/3

Sanger Brothers and Their Role in Texas History; Biderman, Rose G.; 28/2

Southeast Texas Picture Story; Salinger, Gerard; 24/2

Southern Rio Grande Valley: A Picture Story; Salinger, Gerhard; 24/1

Texas and Southwest Territories; Newspaper Clippings about Jewish Pioneers, 47/3-4

Texas Orphan, 1877; 17/4

Two Views of an International Jewish Community: Brownsville, Texas and Matamores, Mexico; 10/4

Zielonka, Rabbi Martin; The Mexican Connection, El Paso, Texas, Hollace Ava Weiner, 32/1



Auerbach’s: One of the West’s Oldest Department Stores: A Picture Story; Rudd, Hynda; 11/3

Congregation Kol Ami: Religious Merger in Salt Lake City; Rudd Hynda; 10/4

Founding of the Jewish Community in Utah; Stern, Norton B.; 8/1

The Jewish Farming Settlement of Clarion, Utah: The Impossible, Impossible Dream; Jerry Klinger; 48/2.

Newhouse, Samuel: Mining Magnate of Colorado and Utah, 1854-1930; Dr. Norton B. Stern; 47/1.

Newhouse,Samuel: Utah Mining Magnate and Land Developer; Rudd, Hynda; 11/4

Obituary of Moses Hirschman, 1900; 29/2

Park City, Utah, 1995: A Pioneering Western Jewish Community; Kramer, Willam M.; 28/1

Picture Story #16: Carvalho’s Painting of Wakar, Chief of the Utes; 7/2

Samuel Kohn, Utah’s Wunderkind; Rudd, Hynda; 13/2

Sharey Tzedick: Salt Lake’s Third Jewish Congregation; Rudd, Hynda; 8/2

Simon Bamberger, Governor of Utah; 5/4

Unsinkable Anna Marks; Rudd, Hynda; 10/3

Wax, Isaac and Sadie: Pioneer Jews in Rural Utah; Donald H. Harrison; 46/4.


Washington (State)

Beginnings of the Organized Jewish Community of Tocoma, Washington; Stern, Norton B. & Kramer, William M.; 17/1

Brown, Joseph: The Deadly Errand of a Pacific Northwest jewish Pioneer; Julia Niebuhr Eulenberg; 45/1.

Washington,General Edward S. Salomon and Lincoln; 18/1

Washington,Governor of Washington Territory: 1870-1872; 17/3

Washington,Hoquiam, Washington Saga: A Picture Story; 13/2

Washington,Marcus Oppenheimer of Marcus, Washington; Stern, Norton B.; 15/4

Washington,Morris Schneider, Pioneer Washington State Merchant; Weissberg, Muriel; 24/4

Washington,Spokane, Washington Jewry in 1920; 24/1

Washington,Spokane Jewry in 1897; 22/3

Washington,Up and Down of Jewish Activity in Spokane, 1891-1894; 11/4

— Seattle —

Bailey Gatzert and the Bailey Gatzert (Steamboat); Klenman, Allen; 29/3

Beauty of Sephardic Life: Personal Reflections of Seattle’s Sam Maimon; Kramer, William M.; 29/1

Collective Oral History: Memories of Seattle; Sidell, Loraine; 29/1

Congregation Bikur Cholim-Machzikay Hadath of Seattle: The Beginning Years; Buttnick, Meta; 22/2

From a Pharmacist in San Bernardino to a Physician in Seattle; Stern, Norton B.; 18/2

Herzl-Ner Tamid Conservative Congregation of Seattle: The Beginning Years, Part 1; Buttnick, Meta; 25/3

Herzl-Ner Tamid Conservative Congregation of Seattle: The Beginning Years, Part 2; Buttnick, Meta; 25/4

History of Seattle’s Sephardic Community; Angel, Rabbi Marc D.; 7/1

History of the Ahavath Ahim Congregation, Club, Auxiliary and Center; Maimon, Isaac; 29/1

Seattle, continued

Increase of Jewish Immigration: The Pacific Rim, Seattle, 1916; 26/2

Introduction to Sephardic Synagogues of Seattle; Papo, Joseph M.; 29/1

Jewish Landmarks in Seattle’s Pioneer Square; Buttnick, Meta & Avner, Jane A.; 26/4

Jewish Sephardic Women’s Lives Biography—Seattle; Clark, Nancy J. & Kaplan, Cecily; 29/1

La Vida do por el Raki: Sephardim Do Love Their Raki, Memories of its Seattle Makers, 1920s – 1950s; Eugene Norman & Albert S. Maimon, 47/2

Ohaveth Sholem: Seattle’s First Jewish Congregation; Droker, Howard A.; 17/1

Personal and Scholarly Account: Early Sephardim in Seattle; Angel, Marc D.; 29/1

Priteca, Marcus Benjamin of Seattle, and Gustave Albert Lansburgh of San Francisco: Two Prominent West Coast Jewish Architects of the Early 20th Century; Eugene Normand; 46/4.

Progress – Seattle’s Sephardic Monthly, 1934-5; Angel, Marc D.; 29/1

Report from Seattle in 1901; 13/2

Russian Refugees Reach Seattle, 1915; 15/3

Samuels, Professor Ernest: Pioneering Jewish Educator Who “Broke the Back” of Academic Elitism; David Bittner, 46/1.

Seattle Jewish Home Through Eight Decades and Two Families; Buttnick, Meta; 21/1

Seattle Sephardic Sisterhood, Brotherhood and Camping Programs; 29/1

Seattle’s Bikur Cholim Machzikay Hadath; Sidell, Lorraine; 26/2

Selected Annals of Ezra Bessaroth, Seattle’s Rhodesli Congregation; Kramer, William M.; 29/1

Sephardic Bikur Holim, Seattle’s Turkish Congregation: Some Landmark Remembrances of Its Formative Years; Buttnick, Meta; 29/1

Sephardic Folk-Curing in Seattle; Firestone, Melvin M.; 29/4

Sephardic Jews of Seattle; Sidell, Lorraine; 24/3

Sephardic Theater of Seattle Jewry; Angel, Marc D.; 29/1

Two Pioneer Ladies of Old Seattle; Dr. William M. Kramer; 42/2-3

Washington State Rabbi Who Came from Notre Dame; Plotkin, Rabbi Albert; 27/1

Whoops from Washington; Avner, Jane A.; 26/1



Harry Gesas: Jewish Merchant in a Wyoming Coal Town; Schoenburg, Nancy; 17/1

Jewish Homesteaders in Wyoming, 1913; Pearlstine, S. S.; 12/1

Max Littmann: Immigrant Soldier in the Wagon Box Fight; Keenan, Jerry; 6/2

Wyoming Incident of 1885; 22/3

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