Perry Kallison, Jewish Community Businessman, Rancher & Radio Personality of San Antonio, Texas

Perry Kallison

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Perry Kallison Radio Adv

Perry Kallison Radio Adv

Perry Kallison was born in San Antonio, Texas, in 1903.

Perry Kallison worked with his brother, Morris, in managing Kallison’s Farm and Ranch Store (also called Kallison’s Big Country Store), which sold everything from furniture to hardware to ‘feed and seed” to appliances.

Perry Kallison also worked at the family’s ranch – riding horses, experimenting with crops and raising cattle.

Among other breeds, he raised a large herd of award winning American Polled Hereford cattle.


When the State of Israel was founded, Perry Kallison helped it develop its agricultural systems.

He arranged for Israelis to visit San Antonio so that they could learn from the Texas ranchers.

He also sent a herd of 76 angora goats to Yodfat Kibbutz, which were shared with other kibbutzim.


In 1936, Perry Kallison started a radio program that provided farm and ranch news, philosophical editorials (“sermonettes”) and other stories.

His programs were broadcast until 1981.



Perry Kallison founded the San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo.

He and his wife, Frances, hosted the show at their ranch.

BBQ at the Kallison Ranch

BBQ at the Kallison Ranch


While in college, Perry Kallison joined the Temple League Players, a theatrical group in San Antonio.

Perry Kallison served as President of Temple Beth El in San Antonio, in 1948.

He remained active on various synagogue committees for his entire life.


Perry Kallison was President of the San Antonio Jewish Federation, in the 1970s.



In 1931, Frances Rosenthal married Perry Kallison.

They had three children: Maryann, Perry M. “Pete” and Frances Ray “Bobbi.”

Perry Kalisher's Family at BBQ, 1940s

Perry Kalisher’s Family at BBQ, 1940s


Perry Kallison died, in 1999, in San Antonio.

Frances Kallison died, in 2004, in San Antonio.

They are buried at the Temple Beth El Cemetery in San Antonio.



The genealogy section of the San Antonio Public Library archives the Kallison’s family records, correspondence, etc.

This collection takes up approximately 15 cubic feet.

Temple Beth-El Cemetery, San Antonio

Temple Beth-El Cemetery, San Antonio

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