Phoenix & North Arizona Exhibition Hall (Central & Northern Arizona)

The Phoenix & Northern, Arizona Exhibition Hall

This Phoenix & Northern Arizona Exhibition Hall focuses on thenorthern two-thirds of the current State of Arizona. Phoenix is its largest city.

The cities and towns of Prescott, Flagstaff, Solomonville, Siligman, St John’s, and Kingman all were part of the Jewish Pioneer period in Northern Arizona.

Phoenix Named Postcard

Arizona’s “Jewish European” history goes back to the early days of the Spanish Conquest.

Members of the Spanish army and many of the early Spanish colonists were “conversos,” Jews who had been forcible converted to Christianity in Spain.

Eventually the Jewish Museum of the American West will open an Exhibition Hall on these very early explorers and pioneers.

This Phoenix & Northern Arizona Exhibition Hall focuses on the Pioneer Jews of the second half of the 1800’s, when the Arizona Territory had come under control of the United States.

More Exhibits will be added on a regular basis.

Table Of Contents

Early Jewish Pioneers

Solomon Bart: Jewish Pioneer of Northeastern Arizona

Michael “Big Mike” Goldwater, Founder of Arizona Retailing & Political Dynasties

Wolf (Lukinitsky) Lukin: Pioneer Jewish Merchant of Tempe, Arizona and Friend of the Pima Indians

Wolf (Saclis) Sachs: One of the “Ten Cattle Kings of Arizona”

Isadore & Anna Solomon: Founders of Solomonville, Arizona Territory

Jacob Weinberger, Federal Judge Who Left His Mark on Arizona and San Diego California, Part #1