San Diego Area Exhibition Hall

The San Diego Exhibition Hall

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Our Volunteer Curators are working hard to bring this Exhibition Hall alive.

Early San Diego Harbor, circa 1890. #WSPostcard Collection

Early San Diego Harbor, circa 1890.
#WSPostcard Collection



Table of Contents

San Diego Area Jewish Pioneers

Abraham Blochman, Pioneer Jewish Businessman, Banker & Community Leader

Dr. Daniel Cave: San Diego’s Pioneer Jewish Dentist

Lewis Franklin: An Early Jewish High Holy Day Pioneer

Simon Goldbaum: Jewish Pioneer of San Luis Rey

Mark Jacobs & Family of San Diego, San Bernardino & Tucson

Simon Levi, Pioneer Wholesale Grocer of San Diego, California

Isadore Louis: Shoemaker to Capitalist in Early San Diego

Adolph Levi: Early Jewish Pioneer and Businessman of San Diego Area

Heyman Mannasse: Jewish Pioneer of San Diego & Arizona Territory

Louis Rose: Jewish Patriarch Pioneer of San Diego

Marcus Schiller: San Diego’s Jewish Horatio Alger

Sigmund “Sig” Steiner: Escondido’s Pioneer & The Grape Festival

Jacob Weinberger, Federal Judge Who Left His Mark on Arizona & San Diego California, Part #2


Congregation Beth Israel, Southern California’s Oldest Congregation

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