Solomon L. Mack, Jewish Pioneer of the San Joaquin Valley & San Francisco, California

Solomon L. Mack

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Three brothers, Solomon, Adolph, and Julius J, were born in New York in the 1850’s.

They were three of the ten children of Lawrence and Miriam Mack.


San Joaquin Valley

In 1875, they came together to California, and settled first in the San  Joaquin Valley, went their separate ways, then came back together to make their fortunes and contributions to their community.


Solomon Max first opened a general merchandise in Lemoore, in Kings County, with his brother Julius.

The business included banking, and insurance.

Lemoore California flag or pillow

In the 1880s, Solomon Mack sold the business and first moved to San Francisco where the three brothers were united for a while.

Solomon Mack then moved to Port Hueneme in Ventura County on the Central Coast.



Solomon Mack helped organize the Masonic Welcome Lodge #225 in Lemoore in 1879.

He acted as Junior Warden for the lodge, David Brownstone being the first Master.

In Port Hueneme he was elected Senior Warden of the Oxnard Masonic Lodge, in 1892



In 1895, Solomon Mack is recorded as being present at a bris for Herbert Cohn, new son of David Cohn, in the little town of New Jerusalem in Ventura County.


For more information on Solomon Mack, see the following issue of Western States Jewish History:

  • The Mack Brothers: Merchants & Philanthropists, San Francisco, Visalia & Port Hueneme, California, by Dr. Norton B. Stern, WSJH, Vol. 41, Issue #2.

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