Julius J. Mack: Jewish Pioneer of the San Joaquin Valley & San Francisco, California

Julius J. Mack

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Three Mack brothers, Julius, Solomon, and Adolph, were born in New York in the 1850’s.

They were three of the ten children of Lawrence and Miriam Mack.

The brothers settled together in California in 1875, first in the San  Joaquin Valley, and later went their separate ways, only to reunite to make their fortunes and contributions to their community.

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San  Joaquin Valley

Julius Mack first opened a general merchandise in Lemore, in Kings County, with his brother, Solomon.

The business included banking and insurance.

Julius took up residence in Visalia.

He also went into banking in Visalia, and soon became the cashier of the Bank of Visalia.

Julius Mack was also one of the founders of Visalia Oil & Petroleum Company in Bakersfield, established in 1877.

Oil Wells in Bakersfield at the Turn of the 20th Century, Vintage Postcard

Oil Wells, Bakersfield, turn of the 20th Century, vintage postcard

In 1880, Julius, his brother Adolph, a pharmacist, and Leo Guggenhime established a wholesale firm in San Francisco J. J. Mack & Co.



Juluis Mack became a major contributor to the Pacific Hebrew Orphan Asylum of San Francisco and to the San Francisco Federation of Jewish Charities.

In 1916, he gave $2,500 to fund the new orphanage site.

Library of the Pacific Hebrew Orphans Asylum, #WS1947

Library of the Pacific Hebrew Orphans Asylum, #WS1947


Julius Mack married a daughter of Simon Silverberg.


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