Louis Bauman: Early Jewish Pioneer Jeweler of St. Louis, Missouri, 1840’s

Louis Bauman

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Louis Bauman was born in 1812, in Hessdorf, Bavaria.


Along the way . . . .

As a 26 year old watchmaker, Louis Bauman journeyed to America in 1838.

In New York City, he entered the jewelry trade.

After his marriage, Bauman and his wife moved to Mobile, Alabama.


St. Louis

In 1844, the Baumans settled in St. Louis.

There, Louis and his brother-in-law, Meyer Friedeopened a jewelry store called Louis Bauman & Company.

Soon, their firm became the largest wholesale jewelry store West of the Mississippi.



Louis Bauman was an early member of B’nai El Temple.



Bauman was active in the local Masonic Lodge.



Louis Bauman married Marianna Friede while living in New York.

They had eight children. Two of their sons, Solomon and Meyer Baumantook over Louis Bauman & Company in 1872.


Louis Bauman died in 1881.

In 1882, the firm was incorporated as L. Bauman Jewelry Company.



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Samantha Silver is curator of this Louis Bauman exhibit.