Utah Exhibition Hall

Utah Exhibition Hall

The Pioneer Monument, Salt Lake City, Postcard

The Pioneer Monument, Salt Lake City, vintage postcard

Utah was originally intended to be the State of Deseret, founded by Mormons, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in 1847.

The land was acknowledged as the Utah Territory in 1850, and received statehood in 1896.

In 1854, Solomon Nunes Carvalho, a Jewish artist, photographer, and writer, traveled with Colonel John C. Fremont’s exploratory expedition, and brought back pictures and written memories of the young Mormon community.

Also, in 1854, Julius andFannie Brooks became Utah’s first pioneer Jewish family.

In Utah, Jews were considered “Gentiles,” meaning non-Mormons.

Young Solomon Carvalho

Young Solomon Carvalho, self portrait

The Auerbachs: Jewish Pioneer Department Store Family of Salt Lake City

Simon Bamberger: Pioneer Jewish Entrepreneur & 4th Governor of Utah

Jacob “Jake” Bergerman: Liquor Jewish Merchant and Saloon Proprietor of Colorado & Salt Lake City, Utah

Julius and Fanny Brooks: the First Jewish Settlers of Salt Lake City

Anna Rich Marks: Jewish Mining Investor & Real Estate Entrepreneur of Early Utah

Samuel Newhouse: Mining Magnate and Entrepreneur of Salt Lake City, Utah

Isaac & Sadie Wax: Pioneer Merchants of Rural Utah

Congregation B’nai Israel: The First Synagogue in Salt Lake City, Utah

The Jewish Agricultural Colony of Clarion, Utah

Salt Lake City, 1860's

Salt Lake City, 1860’s