August M. Bondi, Early Pioneer Jewish Entrepreneur of Kansas

August M. Bondi

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August Mendel Bondi of Kansas

August Mendel Bondi of Kansas


August M. Bondi was born Anshl Mendel Bondy in 1833, in Vienna, Austria.

August Bondi grew up among the Austrian elite.

He was educated secularly as well as religiously.

As a teenager, he attended the Academic Gymnasium in Vienna.

He was an active member of the Academic Student Legion, a revolutionary group.


Along the way

In 1848, August Bondi, then 15 years old, and his family, settled in St. Louis, Missouri.

He worked in various trades including: grocery clerk, apprentice printer, partner to a saloon owner, teacher and sailor on a freighter.



In 1855, August Bondi moved to Kansas to join the Free State forces.

In 1856, Bondi fought with John Brown at the Battle of Black Jack.

Monument for the Battle of Black Jack

Monument for the Battle of Black Jack

After he married, his home was part of the Underground Railroad.

After the Civil War, August Bondi  settled in Leavenworth, Kansas, where he opened a grocery store.

Ten years later, August Bondi  and his family moved to Salina, Kansas.

There he was a farmer and real estate investor.

Around 1880, August Bondi graduated from law school and eventually was elected to a judgeship.



In Salina, Kansas August Bondi was appointed Postmaster.

In the 1880’s, after becoming a lawyer, he served as a Judge



August Bondi married Henrietta Einstein (1933-1900) in 1860.

They had one daughter, Minnie Esther (1871?-1951).


August M. Bondi died in 1907.

He is buried in the Gypsum Hill Cemetery in Salina, Kansas.

Henrietta Einstein died in 1900.



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