Daniel Block, Helped to Merge the First Three Synagogues into B’nai El Congregation of St. Louis

Daniel Block

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Daniel Block was born in Osek, Rokycany, Czech Republic, in 1802, according to current family information.

However, U.S. Census Records, of 1850,St. Louis, Missouri list he and his family as being born in Bohemia, Germany.


St. Louis, Missouri

Daniel Block arrived in the United States in 1842, and settled in St. Louis in 1848.

In the Census of 1850, Block was listed as a butcher.

He was naturalized, in 1853, and stated that he was born in Germany.

At this time he was listed as living in Ward 1 of the City of St. Louis.



Daniel Block was greatly involved in the development and organization of B’nai El Congregation in St. Louis, in 1849.

He originally was part of the founding of B’nai B’rith Congregation – known as the Bohemian Shul – which soon merged with other synagogues to finally create B’nai El. 

Daniel Block played a major roll in the merger of the synagogues.

B’nai El Congregation, the first synagogue building in St Louis



Daniel Block married Sara Wedeles in Osek, Czech Republic, in a common law marriage.

Together they had four children: Heinich, Jacob Veronica (Dora) and Abraham.


Daniel Block died, in 1853.

He was buried in Mt. Sinai Cemetery – the first person to be buried there.

Sara Block passed away, in 1870.

She, too, was buried in Mt. Sinai Cemetery.

Daniel Block’s Memorial in Mt. Sinai Cemetery, St Louis


Dan Brockman, a relative of Daniel Block submitted this information.

Any photos or additional information will be appreciated.